Walsingham Cell

Our church has a local Cell of the Society of Our Lady of Walsingham. We offer a mass with intention for the Shrine at Walsingham once every month, and each summer we organise a pilgrimage week at the Shrine in north Norfolk.

Walsingham is a tiny Norfolk village, but for centuries it has been a centre of pilgrimage from across Europe, because of an appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary to a local noblewoman. Walsingham is a special place, where pilgrims experience rest, refreshment, peace, healing, and closeness to God.


We greatly value our musicians. Sadly, David Carter* (Organist and Director of Music) died suddenly on 7 February 2020; we will bring further updates as they are available. Yangsook Shon is our Deputy Organist, and we have a number of cantors and singers.

*Our Director of Music, David Carter, was a member of the Order of St Mellitus. He was admitted to this prestigious Order, and awarded the St Mellitus Medal, by the Bishop of London in 2016, to mark 50 years service as our Director of Music.
David Carter


GUSTO stands for "Gabriel's United Social Team Organisation", although nobody ever uses the full name! The members of GUSTO meet to plan our church's social life. They decide what social activities we will enjoy together each year, and they plan those events, or appoint other people to do so.

We enjoy a range of quiz nights, afternoon teas, seasonal fairs, recitals, and other social gatherings, so the work of GUSTO is very important. There are usually opportunities for new members on GUSTO to help share fresh ideas as we plan and organise our social life.

St Gabriel's Fellowship

Originally the St Gabriel's Women's Association, the group has evolved over many years. Today it welcomes members both male and female, and provides an opportunity for tea, chat, and fellowship. The Fellowship meets during the afternoon, usually on the fourth Wednesday of the month. New members and visitors will be very welcome.

Sacristy Team

The Sacristy Team assist with liturgy (formal services), help keep store cupboards stocked with everything from candles to communion wine, take care of laundry, polish candlesticks, and dozens of other duties.

The old phrase "altar boy" may be familiar, but these days sacristies are staffed as much by women and girls as by men and boys. New volunteers are always welcome to join the team. If you haven't done it previously then we will provide all the training you require. The work of the Sacristy Team is highly important, very varied, and deeply rewarding, and helps to keep the liturgical "show on the road".

Community Mentoring

For many years, until 2019, we had a long-running Community Payback team at St Gabriel's, through which people were able to make a positive contribution to the community as part of their rehabilitation. Those who served on our Community Payback team were a valued part of our church family during the time that they were placed with us, and for a number of years we operated a highly successful Community Mentoring programme, with the agreement of London Probation Service. Former members of the programme are always welcome to return and say hello.