Junior Church

Junior Church usually meets every Sunday during school term time, and has three different age groups within it. The three groups meet separately in different parts of our building on Sunday mornings. The children gather with their parents, and leave shortly after the start of the service, for their own activities.

Later, before the end of the service, the children return to share with the adults what they have been doing. The service then concludes, and everyone enjoys refreshments together before going home.

Junior Church is a time of fun and fellowship for our younger church members, and visitors are always welcome to join in the fun. If you'd like to come along and see what happens, just turn up, or contact us in advance if you want to check the details.

Children from other churches who are temporarily in our area will be very welcome to come and join us whilst in Acton; we enjoy having visitors.

Sunday Creche

People of all ages are welcome in our church. Young children are expected to make noise and to move around - that's what little ones do! We expect it at home, so we expect it at church as well.

An area to the side of our church, through an open archway, has been carpeted and made secure and comfortable for very young children. This creche area is available for parents and young children at all times during worship. If your child is distracted and needs to crawl around, or play, just move to the creche. You won't be far from everyone else, and you'll still be able to hear and see the service, and to join in.

The creche is equipped with soft toys, crayons, paper, and other equipment to help keep young children entertained. [Provision temporarily limited, due to Coronavirus.] There is no need to worry - you can come and go from the creche at will. There are also baby-changing facilities in (a) the Narthex toilet, and (b) the church hall toilet block, plus (c) a mobile baby changing table available on request.

Melrose Nursery School

We work in partnership with Melrose, the leading private nursery school in west London. Melrose operate from multiple sites, but are headquartered on our church site in North Acton. We have extensive classroom, kitchen, playground, garden, and ancillary facilities, which are used exclusively by Melrose during the working day. The Melrose staff and children also make use of our church building for seasonal events and performances. We are proud of our long and established partnership with Melrose, and of the high quality provision made for local families in our community.

Children have a valued place in our fellowship.