Sunday Worship
10.30am - Sung Parish Mass
  • There is a creche every week, and a Sunday School during term time.
  • Refreshments are served after the service and you will be welcome to stay and socialise.
  • Very occasionally we may hold a different type of service, if a priest is not available.
  • Everyone is welcome, regardless of age, gender, sexuality, belief, or background.

Daily Worship
  • There are services in St Gabriel's most days of the year, and you will always be welcome to join us.
  • Mass from Monday to Friday is usually at 7.15am or 6.30pm, but sometimes later.
  • Mass on Saturdays is usually at 10.00am, but check for occasional time changes.
  • Always check our calendar for up to date details of times.

Other Services
From time to time we hold other services such as Benediction, Choral Evensong, Healing Services, Carol Services, or other seasonal forms of worship. Please check our calendar for details, or contact us.

Life Events
For details of weddings, baptisms, and funerals, please visit this page.