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John Lyon



1982, $39.95

"S.E.U.I.S. stands for 'Shoot 'Em Up In Space' & features true arcade action.  Need we say more?  Game paddles required."  --Spring 1983

NB: Not Apple III compatible

Second Front

Gary Grigsby


The Shattered Alliance (Chronicles of Osgorth)

John Lyon



1981, $59.95

"Magical creatures & historical Ancient armies battle on a fantasy world."  --Spring 1983

Southern Command

Roger Keating



1981, $59.95

"The Israeli counterattack to cross the Suez Canal during the October War of '73 against Egypt."  --Spring 1983

Stellar Crusade

Norman C. Koger, Jr.

Intermediate to Advanced

I*, ST*, AM

Summer 1988, $49.95 (IBM)/$54.95 (ST/AM)

"In STELLAR CRUSADE, two fanatical groups embark on a mad race to control a small, but vital star cluster.  It is an exciting strategy game of exploration, economic power and military conquest on an interstellar scale.

"As the leader of one faction, your first task is to send out exploration teams to grab the best planets in the star cluster and colonize them.

"Next, you must build up your economic strength to prepare for war.  This entails allocating raw materials and production points to build shipyards and maintenance facilities; train and supply troops, engage in research and development; establish farms, mines, refineries and factories.  Remember, wars are never won by the poor or poorly-prepared.

"To win a star war, you need starships.  In this game, you can design your own and arm them with a host of offensive and defensive weapons.  Group your starfleet of scout ships, cruisers and battlecruisers into task forces, each led by a commander of your choice.  Although these task force commanders come rated for skill levels and experience, you won't know how competent they are until after their first battle.

"Play against a friend or the computer.  There are seven different scenarios with multiple levels of difficulty: three short, three medium and one long campaign that spans decades!"  --Summer 1988

Tigers in the Snow

Tactical Design Group


AP*, AT, I, C, T

1981, $39.95

"An operational-level game of Hitler's final assault--the Battle of the Bulge!"  --Spring 1983

Torpedo Fire

John Lyon



1981, $59.95

"Beautiful graphics enhance this exciting simulation of World War II anti-submarine warfare." --Spring 1983

Typhoon of Steel

Gary Grigsby


AP (64K)*, AM (1MB), C, I

Fall 1988, $49.95.

"TYPHOON OF STEEL is a sequel to our best-selling PANZER STRIKE! game.  The action is so detailed, you'll feel like you're caught in the middle of a banzai charge of the Japanese Army!  Each unit represents one tank/gun or a squad of infantry.

"This powerful construction set lets you fight any World War II battles that involved American or British troops in Asia/Pacific against the Japanese, and American troops in Europe against the Germans.  Your arsenal includes practically every ground weapon used in those theaters.

"Play single battles against another player or the computer and depart from the historical setups already provided by making use of the construction feature.  Or fight entire campaigns against the computer.  It creates the maps and determines the type of battles and missions.  You "buy" tanks, infantry and support units (such as artillery and anti-tank guns).

"TYPHOON OF STEEL.  It's the best construction set of American, Japanese, British and German combat in World War II."  --Fall 1988/Winter 1989

War in Russia

Gary Grigsby


AP*, AT*, (C)

April 1984, $79.95

"If there is one game every true-blue wargamer has been waiting for, WAR IN RUSSIA is it!  We've spent 15 months in development time to make it the definitive simulation of the Russian War.

"A division-level game, WAR IN RUSSIA uses weekly turns to cover the entire campaign from June 1941 through December 1944.  Every division is historically rated for experience, strength and fatigue.

"Despite the apparent overwhelming scope of the game, author Gary Grigsby has come up with a new game system that makes it eminently playable.  In fact, as wargames go, it is one of the easiest to play.

"Naturally, we've provided shorter scenarios: Barbarossa, '41; Stalingrad '42; and Kursk '43.  Of course, you can save a game in progress for later play.  You can choose one- or two-player modes.  In solitaire, the computer directs the Russians."  --Spring 1984

War in Russia (2nd edition)

Gary Grigsby


NB: Sometimes referred to as Gary Grigsby's War in Russia.

The Warp Factor

Paul Murray


AP*, I

1981, $39.95

"Experience interstellar battles with starships from five Galactic Empires."  --Spring 1983


Gary Grigsby


AP*, AT, C, I, ST

1986, $59.95

"WARSHIP is the definitive game of surface naval warfare in the Pacific from 1941-45.  You can choose from 79 classes of ships from the Allied and Japanese fleet.  Each ship comes historically rated for: number, size and turret armor of main and secondary guns; number and type of torpedo mounts; maximum speed; radar; flotation; belt armor; deck armor; and earliest year of availability.  You set the course and speed, fire torpedoes, and choose "Ship" or "Division" command mode.  During combat, the computer calculates the damage caused by every single shell hit!  Flooding, fire, and damage to the bridge, rudder, engines, radar and electrical systems are all part of the game.  Collisions and visibility are also taken into account.  You can even create your own ships and scenarios by modifying ship data and drawing new maps."  --Summer 1988



Western Front

Gary Grigsby



Titles in GREEN are wargames.  Titles in RED are licensed TSR products.

AM=Amiga.  AP=Apple II.  AT=Atari 8-bit.  C=Commodore 64.  GS=Apple IIGS.  I=IBM PC.  M=Apple Macintosh.  ST=Atari ST.  T=TRS-80.

3DO=3DO system.  PS=Sony PlayStation.  S=Sinclair Spectrum (U.K.-only release).

A * indicates a title was initially released for (and probably developed on) that platform.

(Parentheses) indicate that the version for that specific platform was "Zombieware" (SSI's term for vaporware), a product that was planned--and often advertised--but never released.  For example, Panzer Strike!'s entry has the following platform information:

(AM), AP* (64K), C, I, (ST)

This means the game was released first and most likely developed on the Apple II platform (64K required, unlike the typical Apple II default of 48K).  Versions were also released for the Commodore 64 and IBM PC.  Amiga and Atari ST versions were planned (and advertised, in this case), but never released.

Trademark Information:

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