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The IIgs shared the unhappy fate of the Commodore 128.  Designed to be a better, faster replacement for older, slower 8-bit brethren with full compatibility with older titles, that very compatibility (as well as decreasing Macintosh prices) spelled its doom.  Why should a publisher, the rationale went, spend money developing for the new machine when people could play the older titles on it already? 

First Conversion:

Roadwar 2000
by Spring 1988, $44.95
512K RAM


Other 1988 Conversion:

Questron II
May 1988, $49.95
512K RAM


Pool of Radiance
was to be Fall 1989, $49.95
768K RAM
Official cancellation announcement: Spring/Summer 1990 Catalog Supplement


First Mention: Spring 1988 brochue

Last Catalog Appearance: 1989-1990 Catalog





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