Apple II Games

SSI Games

for the Apple II


The following SSI games were available for the Apple II family of personal computers.  The minimum requirement, unless otherwise noted is 48K and Applesoft BASIC.  Games marked with a * require joysticks and/or paddles and are not playable on the Apple III.  Games marked with ** require 64K.   Games requiring 128K are indicated with text.

Notice from early SSI catalogs: "Most APPLE games are compatible with QUADLINK [Apple emulation board for IBM PC]"


February 1980

Computer Bismarck



1981 & Prior Releases

Computer Air Combat

Computer Ambush

Computer Conflict

Computer Napoleonics

Computer Quarterback


1983 Releases


Cosmic Balance II: The Strategic Game


Computer Ambush, 2nd Edition

Fighter Command

Knights of the Desert

North Atlantic '86

RDF 1985


1985 Releases


Gemstone Warrior**

by 1985, $34.95


March 1, $39.95


Battalion Commander

by fall 1985, $39.95

Battle of Antietam

Novermber 1, $49.95


February 1, $59.95

Mech Brigade

June 1, $59.95

Norway 1985

July 1, $34.95

Operation Market Garden

April 1, $49.95

Panzer Grenadier

by fall 1985, $39.95

Six-Gun Shootout

June 1, $39.95


November 1, $59.95


1986 Releases


Gemstone Healer *,**

November, $29.95

Phantasie II

by spring, $39.95

Rings of Zilfin

by spring, $39.95

Wizard's Crown

by spring, $39.95



by spring, $59.95

Colonial Conquest**

January 1, $39.95 (delayed to March)


March, $39.95


by fall, $59.95


1987 Releases


The Eternal Dagger

July, $39.95

Phantasie III: The Wrath of Nikademus

March, $39.95

Realms of Darkness

by spring, $39.95

Flight Emulator


September, $34.95 (delayed to November)


President Elect: 1988 Edition

by fall, $24.95

Science Fiction

Roadwar Europa

by fall, $39.95


Battle Cruiser

by spring, $59.95

Panzer Strike!**

December, $49.95

Rebel Charge at Chickamauga**

by summer, $59.95

Shiloh: Grant's Trial in the West **

by fall, $39.95

Sons of Liberty **

December, $39.95

War in the South Pacific**

by spring, $59.95


1988 Releases


Dungeon Masters Assistant, Vol. I: Encounters **

August, $29.95

Pool of Radiance originally to be 64K, shipped version 128K

September, $44.95 (delayed to January 1989)


Demon's Winter **

by fall, $29.95

Questron II **

April, $44.95


Battles of Napoleon **

July, $49.95 (delayed to November)

Typhoon of Steel **

by fall, $49.95


1989 Releases


Curse of the Azure Bonds 128K

October 1989, $49.95

Dungeon Masters Assistant, Vol. II: Characters & Treasures **

by fall, $29.95

War of the Lance **

fall, $39.95


First Over Germany **

January 1989, $49.95

(this title may have been vaporware)

Overrun **

by fall, $49.95


1990 Releases

Champions of Krynn 128K

by summer, $49.95


Vaporware Games


Untitled wargame of the Afghanistan civil war

Wargame Construction Set

Odd that SSI's best-selling (pre-Pool of Radiance) game never made it to what was its primary platform through most of the 1980s.


(Dates are those listed in SSI's catalog.)


Vital Statistics:

Active Support: February 1980-1990

(1990 date of last release, 7 Apple II titles still listed in 1991 catalog)

First Game:   

Computer Bismarck

Last Game:

Champions of Krynn (1990)

Last Wargame:

Overrun (1989)

(unless First Over Germany was actually released)

Last Non-TSR Fantasy Game:

Demon's Winter  (1988)

Last Game to Require Only 48K:

Roadwar Europa (1987)

First Game to Require 64K:

Gemstone Warrior  (1985)

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