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Trig Identities & Equations

Essential questionHow can we use and solve trig functions to predict future outcomes?
Trig Identities
1)  Simplify Simple Trig Expressions Using Trig Identities (with reciprocal, quotient, and simple Pythagorean Identities)
2) Simplify Advanced Trig Expressions Using Pythagorean Identities
Solve Trigonometric Equations
3) Solve Trig Equations with One Trig Ratio Using the Unit Circle (exact answers)
4) Solve trig equations with one trig ratio by using a calculator (all solutions on an interval)
5) Word Problems with trig equations
6) Solve trig equations with more than one trig ratio (by factoring)
7) Solve trig equations by substituting identities and special case scenarios
8)  Solve trig equations with more than one trig ratio (by graphing)
9)  Composite Functions with Trig WS 

10) Review