DE & Slope Fields

Special Focus: Differential Equations by the College Board (pdf - 61 pages)

The Domain of Solutions to Differential Equations by the College Board (pdf - 8 pages)

1) Introduction and Characteristics of Differential Equations

Slope Fields

2) Create a slope field given a differential equation

3) Reading and analyzing slope fields

Particular Solutions to Differential Equations (DE)

4) Graphing a particular solution given a slope field and a point

5) Verifying particular solutions to DE through substitution:

7) Domain of solutions to DE

8) DE Word problems

9) Local Linearization

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    • Interactive website: This Java website shows how a function looks like a line when you zoom in on the graph. It also visually shows how the value of the function is similar to the value of the tangent line (drag the red point).

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Differential Equations Connection Project

AP Questions: Slope fields have been a topic on the AP Calculus BC Exam since 1998 and on the AP Calculus AB Exam since 2004.