Introduction to Transformations:

11.1 Isometric Transformation: Translations

11.2 Isometric Transformation: Reflections

11.3 Isometric transformation: Rotations

Khan Academy: Pixar in a Box

  • Introduction (watch the intro video and read the Learner's Guide - you don't need to click on any links)

  • Rigging (only work on the "Introduction to Rigging;" you can skip "Code a Character")

  • Sets & Staging (only work on "Geometric Transformations;" you can skip the "Mathematics of Rotation" since it using trig that you have not learned yet. You can also stop on step 5 if step 6 gets too complicated)

  • Rendering (challenge)

11.4 Congruence and Isometric Transformations

11.5 Reflection and Rotational Symmetry (Self-symmetry)


  • vocabulary