1) Domain and Range of Graphs with Interval Notation & Set Builder

2) Domain of Rational Functions (vertical asymptotes and removable discontinuity)

3) Domain of Root and Logarithmic Functions

4) Domain of Rational Functions with Roots

5) Function Families

6) Special piecewise functions: absolute value & greatest integer function

7) Transformation of functions: scale factors, reflections, and shifts

8) Transformation of Piecewise Graphs

9) Absolute value of a Function

10) Review Graphing Functions by Transformations and Domain of Functions

11) Graphing Relations

12) Basic Operations with Functions (Add, Subtract, Multiply, and Divide)

13) Composite Functions

14) Advanced Composite Functions and Mixed Review of Operations & Modeling

15) Finding Inverse Functions

16) Verifying Inverse Functions and graphs

16b) Determining whether a function is invertible

17) All Operations on Functions Given a Graph

18) Review