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Quadratic Functions

4.1 Characteristics of a Quadratic Function in Factored Form
4.1 Characteristics of a Quadratic Function in Vertex Form
Review the three forms:
4.2 Graph Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form by Translation
4.3 Graph Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form by Dilation
4.5 Deriving Quadratic Functions
  • Explanation:
  • Practice Problems:
    • Worksheet #1
    • Worksheet #2
    • Desmos class activity: Will It Hit the Hoop? (wait for the link and class code)
4.6 Powers of imaginary numbers
4.6 Simplifying roots of negative numbers
4.6 Adding and Subtracting Complex Numbers
4.6 Multiplying Complex Numbers
4.7 Use the Quadratic Formula to find the x-intercepts (and zeros) of a quadratic function