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Quadratic Functions

Introduction to Graphing Quadratics
4.1a Characteristics of a Quadratic Function in Factored Form
4.1b Characteristics of Quadratic Functions in Vertex Form
4.2 Graph Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form by Translation
4.3 Graph Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form by Dilation
4.6 Powers of imaginary numbers
4.6 Simplifying roots of negative numbers
4.6 Complex Numbers
4.6 Operations (Add, Subtract, and Multiply) with Complex Numbers

4.7 Use the Quadratic Formula to find the x-intercepts of a quadratic function (and zeros of quadratic equations) 
4.7 Characteristics of Quadratics in Standard Form
Converting Quadratics to Different Forms:
Features and Forms of Quadratic Functions: the same quadratic function may be written up to three equivalent formats