1.1 Function Notation

1.2 Characteristics of Quadratic Functions given a Graph

1.3 Quadratics in Factored Form

1.4 Finding the x-Intercepts in Vertex Form; solving quadratic equations with inverse operations

1.5 Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form: Translations

1.6 Quadratics Functions in Vertex Form: Dilation

1.7 Converting Quadratics Functions in Standard Form to Factored Form; solve quadratic equations by factoring

1.8 Completing the square: converting quadratics functions in Standard form to vertex form; solve quadratic equations by completing the square

1.9 Standard form and the Quadratic Formula

1.10 Using the Discriminant

1.11 Converting Factored and Vertex Form to Standard Form

1.12 Review: Features and Forms of Quadratic Functions: the same quadratic function may be written up to three equivalent formats