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Exponents & Logs

Essential Question: How do we model and use exponential growth and decay?

Powers with Rational Exponents
1) Simplify Powers with Rational Exponents
2) Operations of Powers with Rational Exponents
3) Simplify Roots
4)  Solve Equations with Fractional Exponents (Root Equations)

Exponential Equations
5) Solve Equivalent Powers with the Same Base
Logarithmic Expressions
6) Simplify Single Logs (including natural log) & Inverse Properties

7) Property of Logs: Combine & Expand Logs
8) Approximate Logs by Expansion
9) Use the Change of Base Formula to find the decimal approximation of a log
Solve Logarithmic Equations

10) Solve Logarithmic Equations (with one log):
11) Solve Logarithmic Equations When There is More than One Log
Solving Exponential Equations
12) Solve Exponential Equations when the bases are not the same
13) Solve Exponential Equations when the bases are not the same and there is more than one variable
14) Solve Exponential Equations by factoring
15) Review of Exponential and Logarithmic Expressions and Equations:
16)  Cumulative Review WS