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F3F Scot Nats day three 22 Oct

Peter's report:-
So the epic 3 part Scottish Nats was brought to a conclusion today. We had strong southerly winds of 35-50mph on East Lomond which brought more sub-40’s than I can remember (15 in total) in the 14 rounds completed, and that was without much thermal assistance at all.


It was a day for full ballast and Peter Gunning set the pace in rounds 1 and 2 with his P3 flying his fastest time in round 2 of 38.27, one of the flap wipers was sticking so the P3 was retired and Cyril came out for the rest of the day. Kevin  and his Precision responded in rounds 3 and 4 with a 39.xx and a 38.xx and the pattern at the top of the leader board was set with Peter and Kevin responding to each others times in a very close fought battle. Ian Simpson made a rare appearance and flew very well with his Big Bird, Mike McCracken flew his extreme very well too claiming an East Lomond sub-40 in round 7. George did OK with a best time of 42.50 but could possibly have done with a bit more weight aboard his Vikos.


The lead changed hands between Peter and Kevin as the comp progressed with Kevin in the lead in round 13 when an unfortunate prang put an end to his day and lost him a discard so Peter won out on the day. So the results were:


1          Peter Gunning               12787.75          P3/Cyril

2          Kevin Newton                12710.83          Pike Precision

3          Mike McCracken           11668.45          Extreme           

4          Ian Simpson                  11073.30          Big Bird

5          George Young               10965.38          Vikos

6          Craig Maxwell                6926.09           Banshee/Spark


FTD went to Kevin with a 38.00


Overall then in the unusual 2 out of 3 comp Nationals the results were as follows:


                                                Comp 1             Comp 2             Comp 3             Final

1 Peter Gunning                        100                                           100                   200

2 Kevin Newton                          99.22                                        99.40                198.62

3 Dave Watson                          94.56                100                                           194.56

4 Mike McCracken                     88.27                97.92                91.25                189.17

5 George Young                         90.03                94.10                85.75                184.13

6 Ian Stewart                             89.63                90.02                                         179.65

7 Martin Gibbs                           85.17                86.27                                         171.44

8 David Loomes                                                 95.25                                          95.25

9 Ron Russell                                                    94.31                                          94.31

10 David Reid                            91.97                                                                  91.97

11 Robert Carson                                              89.55                                           89.55

12 Ewan Maxwell                       87.88                                                                  87.88

13 Ian Simpson                                                                          86.60                  86.60

14 Alistair Sutherland                 74.79                                                                  74.79

15 Craig Maxwell                                                                        54.16                 54.16


The other FTD’s were Peter Gunning in Comp 1 with a 39.66 and Dave Watson in Comp 2 with a 44.59. I have ordered another FTD whisky glass for Dave.


So that’s the summer season done, I’m sure Ron will be along soon to give us the results. Here’s to a good winter league, dates to be announced shortly.


Best Regards