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Second Life Support Sites

Links to pages that can answer questions about technical requirements for using Second Life.  Or how to streaming content into Second Life.  Or, how to  troubleshoot computer problems related to Second Life.


Knowledgebase - Second Life Wiki
The first place to go to answer just about any question, technical and otherwise, you may have about Second Life.
Collaborative Q and A wiki for Second Life Users.

Second Life Answers
Questions and answers community based formum.

Second Life Wiki
Runs the gambit from general tips to very technical information about Second Life.  Second Life users can now contribute to the wiki.

Second Life Support Portal
Jump off point for all the official Second Life support related Web sites.

SL Forums
Used by the Lindens to collect resident feedback about changes to Second Life.  Residents exchange tips about creating content and advice on how to handle technical issues. Has a section where residents can post advertisements for employment opportunities and promote in-world services. Note: Will need your SL log-in to view postings.



Second Life Wiki - Category: Tutorials
Master list of Second Life's online tutorials.

Second Life Wiki - Video Tutorials
Index of Torely Linden's video tutorials. Links to tutorials created by other Second Life residents.

A non-Linden Labs generated, master list of tutorials



Official Second Life Blog
Used by the Lindens to announce changes to terms of services, updates on technical updates and issues, world-wide events, performance statistics, etc. 
Second Life Grid Status
Page used by Linden Labs to keep users updated about the status of Second Life's grid.  Includes a list of dates for planned outages.   Or if you prefer minute to minute Grid status updates, or updates via your mobile phone, try Twitter's SLGridStatus.
Lists specific issues reported by Second Life residents and Linden Labs progrees on solving them.

Service Quality Metrics
Collection of graphs representing grid performance issues, such as, frame rates and outages, as reported by Linden Labs.


LSL Portal - Second Life Wiki
Another first place to search for questions about writing LSL. 

Script Me!
Can't write LSL but still need to create a interactive SL object?  This site will generate codes to allow you to create an object that will change color or texture, play a sound, launch a web browser, etc.


Voice FAQ -- Second Life Wiki
List of answers to questions asked by the average SL end-user.

Voice -- Second Life Wiki
Lists of voice settings and pointers to more technical information about voice chat.


API (Application Program Interfaces)

API (Application Program Interfaces) Program
At the moment, Second Life has two API's (Application Program Interfaces).  Lists applications for creating your own Second Life registration page, direct SLURL's, and for Webmasters, a Linden dollar exchange.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Second Life Viewer Cheatsheet (PDF)
Created by Kippie Friedkin.  Lists keyboard shortcuts for PC and Mac. 

All Keyboard Shortcut Keys - Second Life Wiki
Self described comprehensive list of keyboard shortcuts.