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WHO IS...? (Contacts)

WHERE IS...? (Locations)

WHAT IS...?  or WHY DOES...? (Facts and concepts) 


  1. Click on the Create New Page button above the title for this section
  2. Enter the title for the page, pick a title that would complete the sentence "How do I.... "
  3. Select the type of page you want to create, either a WEB PAGE or DASHBOARD.
  4. Change the location to "Put the page under "How do I ...? (Perform an action.)
  5. Click Create Page
  6. A link to your new page will be added to the Sub-pages listed below. Use this link to access your page

  • Avoid using punctuation, numbers (unless spelled out) and symbols (e.g. @ ) in your title. The title of your page will also be added to the URL of your page.

  • Only create WEB PAGE or DASHBOARD pages. If you feel that ANNOUNCEMENTS, FILE CABINET or TITLE would be the best way to present your information, e-mail me your reason at peachespessoa@gmail.com.

  • Include a SLURL if you are referring to a Second Life in-world location.
NOTE: Please refrain from editing the raw HTML coding of pages on this wiki. Google Sites has a nasty habit of undoing HTML coding added by a site editor.

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