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Subcultures of Second Life

Subcultures of Second Life: an Introduction

As in real life, Second Life is filled with different social groups and cliques.  Unlike real life, SL avatars are able to change their appearance, and use the tools and programs available in Second Life to create unique landscapes.  This survey of SL subcultures includes a brief description of eight different social groups, along with a landmark to a location identified with each subculture.  This list is merely an introduction to the many subcultures of SL, and is not exhaustive.  This list does not cover sexually explicit subcultures.



Furries are animal-based avatars, many of which are bipedal and wear human clothes.  While Furries are found throughout SL, Luskwood is one of the oldest and most popular furry hangouts.




Tinies have the appearance of cute miniature stuffed animals and dolls, but are fully functioning avatars, and have their own appropriately sized outfits and accessories.  Loco Pocos Island features a wide selection of tiny avatars, as well as a forested island habitat for initial exploring and adventuring.  See also the sim of Raglan Shire.





These tiny green aliens from outer space get into no end of trouble inside the enormous setting of a human house.  Will your house be next?




The residents of the Independent State of Caledon appreciate Neo-Victorian manners and dress, but also incorporate fantastic mechanical workings into their buildings, vehicles and fashions.  Caledon and its associated sims are perhaps the best known Steampunk region.  The five urban sims of New Babbage also boast a thriving Steampunk community.





Avilion and its neighboring sims are home to Medieval enthusiasts, who dress and roleplay as knights, ladies, peasants, wizards, and faeries.  Avilion has a busy calendar of events, including dueling, jousting, and magical dances in the woods.




In futuristic, high-tech, sinister urban landscapes, hackers and armed mercenaries rub shoulders with geishas and cyborgs.  Insilico is an amazing cyberpunk cityscape, whose lighted skyscrapers pierce the perpetual midnight on a space station over three thousand meters above the ground.




From the High Elves of Tolkien to the Drow (Dark Elves) of Dungeons and Dragons, a rich fantasy world is brought to life in the Elf Circle region.  ElvenGlen serves as both a market and meeting place for elves and their admirers.




Vampire sims abound in Second Life.  The popular Bloodlines interactive Vampire system allows players to compete for blood and souls by finding new victims to drain.  The Heads-Up Device (HUD) required to play Bloodlines can be found on the Liquid Designs sim, which also provides a perfect spooky backdrop for vampire mingling and bloodsucking.



Please note that locations come and go quickly in Second Life.  These landmarks were functioning on November 25, 2008.  Feel free to send any suggestions or updates for this information to the author, Arabella Whittlesea, by IM, or at shinall.berry AT gmail.com.