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How to Edit This Wiki

Thank you for taking the time to contribute to the collective knowledge of the volunteers who staff the Reference Desk on Info International Island.

This wiki is hosted by Google Sites. Compared to other wiki applications, for instance Wikipedia, wiki page creation and editing narrowly defined. At this time Google Sites does have the option of creating page templates. So, in order to keep the site organization and design looking consistent, here is a set of instructions that explain how to add content to this wiki. Please e-mail me at peachespessoa@gmail.com if you have any questions.


This section of the wiki is reserved for Google calendars listing events scheduled to take place place in Second Life that may be of interest to librarians and educators. If you you know of a calendar that you think should be added to this second, e-mail your suggestion to Peaches Pessoa at peachespessoa@gmail.com. Please include a link to the calendar and contact information for the person responsible for maintaining it.


  1. Click on the Create New Page button above the title for this section
  2. Enter the title for the page, pick a title that would complete the sentence "How do I.... "
  3. Select the type of page you want to create, either a WEB PAGE or DASHBOARD.
  4. Change the location to "Put the page under "How do I ...? (Perform an action.)
  5. Click Create Page
  6. A link to your new page will be added to the Sub-pages listed below. Use this link to access your page
  • Avoid using punctuation, numbers (unless spelled out) and symbols (e.g. @ ) in your title. The title of your page will also be added to the URL of your page.
  • Only create WEB PAGE or DASHBOARD pages. If you feel that ANNOUNCEMENTS, FILE CABINET or TITLE would be the best way to present your information, e-mail me your reason at peachespessoa@gmail.com.
  • Include a SLURL if you are referring to a Second Life in-world location.
NOTE: Please refrain from editing the raw HTML coding of pages on this wiki. Google Sites has a nasty habit of undoing HTML coding added by a site editor.


Only add categories that include Second Life related content and will help your colleagues better serve the Second Life community.  If you decide to add a new category to this list, please e-mail Peaches Pessoa at peachespessoa@gmail.com so that the category can be added to the wiki's home page.

Adding a new LINK to an existing page

  1. Go to the page you want to edit
  2. Click on Edit page
  3. Type the title of the site you want to link to
  4. Use your mouse to highlight the title and click Link
  5. In the Create Link window, select Web Address
  6. Enter the URL for the site in the text box.
  7. In the lower left-hand corner of the window, put a check next to Open this link in a new window
  8. Click OK.
  9. Provide a brief description about the content or usefulness of the page you have just added.  
    To make the site easier to use, individual recommended sites pages need to be no more than three printed pages long.

    Adding a new SUB-HEADING to an existing page

    1. Type the title of the new subsection on the page.
    2. Hightlight the title and select Format from the Google Sites toolbar.
    3. Select Sub-Heading (H3)
    A link to the new subsection will automatically appear on the table of contents at the top of the page.

    Creating a NEW "Sites" page
    As I noted, at this time Google Sites does not give its wiki editors the option of creating a template to use to add new pages to the Web site. If you feel comfortable adding new pages, then just make sure they follow the formatting of the existing pages and are grouped with the other "Recommended Sites."

    If you want me to set up the new page for you to edit, e-mail me, Peaches Pessoa at peachespessoa@gmail.com. Tell me the title of the page you want to add and a brief description, and if possible, any subsections you will use for your content. I'll contact you when the new page is ready for editing.
    Please refrain from editing the raw HTML coding of pages on this wiki. Google Sites has a nasty habit of undoing HTML coding added by a site editor.




    1. Click MORE ACTIONS

    Everytime the page changes, you will be e-mailed about the change.




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