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Desk Operation

The shift:
The default reference shift is a single two-hour time on the desk each week. During that time we ask you to remain within chat range (20m) of the main platform at the reference desk so that you may greet and serve incoming patrons. Of course if you need to leave to take a patron to a location this is not only allowed but encouraged.
One thing we do ask of all volunteers who take a desk shift to do is report some basic statistics to us. Statistics may be submitted via email (hypatia.dejavu@gmail.com), by posting to the SLLVR google group, or by notecard (notecards can either be dropped onto Hypatia Dejavu's profile or dropped into suggestion box on the reference desk). We'd like the following information submitted for each shift:
Your name:
Date and time of shift:
# of patrons interacted with:
# of SL directional questions:
# of SL reference questions:
# of RL directional questions:
# of RL reference questions:
# of patrons not using English:
# of patrons using voice:
# of griefing incidents:
Dress code:
Our dress code is very mild, mostly comprised of a few things we ask you not to do. On their shifts most volunteers dress casually and in a way which they would find pleasant and welcoming. On the whole we recommend putting some thought into how you look as we find the better you look the more positive the response of the patrons is.
1) No nudity (As would be acceptable in most American cities, i.e. no exposed nipples or private parts). 
2) No large symbols of political or religious affiliation (This is to say no unnatural signs such as halos or political/religious partical generators, anything appropriate to your daily wear in RL is defacto acceptable, up to and including a burka). Further we ask you to please not wear politcal/religious symbology that is not part of your own beliefs. If anyone complains about legitimate political/religious symbols worn by staff the administration will back the staff members rights to the fullest extent.
3) No symbols of widely recognized hate organizations (i.e. KKK costume, Nazi regalia, etc)
4) No wearing weapons or appearing as threatening avatars (An exception will be made for religiously required armament such as a Sikh dagger).
5) No violations of intellectual property rights.