by Rich Pablum

                                                                                                                Ricky Diaz        Jim Lee           Tony Torre

A quasi informal WWBA strategy session was held today at Citi Field in Queens, NY. League Commissioner Jim Lee requested locals Rick Diaz (NL representative) and Tony Torre (AL representative) to attend and lay out proposals at the Buccaneer Diner in Flushing-Queens. After that mammoth strategy session on going negotiations continued at Citi Field and proceeded even further after the 4 hour plus Mets game.

Sources report that discussions included an elimination of American and National Leagues as the WWBA knows them and will have the league set up to fall in line with MLB's orientation. Such ground breaking changes could include expansion; a unified league constitution and playing rules; divisional re-alignment; interlocking schedules; common draft and reorganization of the league leadership.

When asked for a comment NL representative Rick Diaz was cautious, "We took a long ride on the way back from Citi to the Holiday Inn. Obviously there was a lot to talk about and I'm not saying anything but this was riveting, ground breaking and eye opening."

AL representative Torre denied being the instigator saying, "I was an invited guest today. I didn't ask to be here. The AL commissioner poo-pooed attending of his own volition so don't accuse me of anything."

WWBA commissioner Jim Lee in a brief statement said, "There have been a lot of unresolved issues over the years and it's no secret several members have sought greater challenges and better alignment with MLB. Proposals have been brought forward over the years and I want to make it crystal clear there have not been any cover ups. Nothing in the past has ever been scuttled."

Former league higher up Steve Grapstul reportedly was asked to comment. Although he would not speak on the record it is no secret he has accused misappropriate behavior in the WWBA over the years including the set up of faux members; loaded dice in the pre-computer era and tainted player cards.

National League awards 5 points to Queens for published article