Shetland Wheelers is the most northerly cycling club in the UK. Our members have participated in various events on the UK mainland, France, the Faroe Islands as well as the Natwest Island Games, the most recent being held in Jersey in 2015.

Although our members regularly achieve top placing in major cycling events, the club caters for cyclists of all abilities, from beginners, those looking to maintain fitness to serious athletes training to win national titles.

Shetland is a brilliant place to cycle. It has great roads, beautiful scenery with relatively low volumes of traffic.

Many routes are long and flat but there are a variety of hills for those who like to climb. Yes, the weather can be a little ‘challenging’ at times but with the right clothes on you can get out most days (in the summer at least!) and with fellow Wheelers for company, it all seems a bit easier and fun.

Cycling is a great pastime for a number of reasons. It keeps you fit and helps maintain a healthy weight. It improves aerobic fitness and muscle strength without placing too much strain on the joints. As a mode of transport it is good for the environment and better for your wallet!