Cycling Challenges

One of the best things about cycling is that there are so many ways that you can set yourself targets or goals, from competition to more personal aims.

We have made up a selection of some ideas for personal targets here, trying to cover all kinds of cycling, and setting different levels, so everyone has something to aim for, and to progress through year by year. As well as a few more unusual ideas, to give you some ideas for new things to try and maybe to take you away from your usual habits a bit. 

You can try any challenge at any level at any time through the year, pick and choose whichever ideas best suit you, and then let us know at the end of the year which levels you managed to do, and we'll send out a summary sheet for your 2013 achievements. 

If you have any suggestions for other categories, please let us know.

 Annual Mileage
 "Get the miles in" - how far will you go this year?
 Gold  6000 miles +
 Silver  3000 miles +
 Bronze   1000 miles +
 Blue   250 miles +


 10 mile time trial
 The classic club event
 Gold  under 24:00
 Silver  under 27:00
 Bronze   under 30:00
 Blue   complete a 10 mile TT


 Training for a road race
 Gold  Win a club APR
 Silver  Top 3 in a club APR
 Bronze   Top 5 in a club APR
 Blue   take part in an APR


 Complete the course
 Gold  Complete an 80 mile Sportive
 Silver  Complete a 50 mile Sportive
 Bronze   Complete a 15 mile Sportive
 Blue   Take part in a Sportive


 Long distance routes
 Gold  Complete the 200km "Shetland Audax" course
 Silver  Ride 120km+ in a single ride
 Bronze   Ride 75km+ in a single ride
 Blue   Ride 40km+ in a single ride


 off road
 Gold  TBC
 Silver  TBC
 Bronze   TBC
 Blue   TBC


 One off challenges
 or suggest your own
 Climb Mossy Hill, Collafirth Hill and Saxa Vord by bike in the same year
 Go to the "4 corners of Shetland" in a single ride
 Ride Sumburgh to North Roe in one ride (or vice versa)
 Do a bike ride that includes a ferry crossing