Some quick bike hints and tips

  • Shift into the small front ring and small sprocket when parking up your bike so the dérailleur spring has less tension on it, and the shifting will stay sharper for longer.

  • When you get into the car after the TT, and are about to drive away, check that you can actually see your front wheel in the back of the car before you start reversing......

  • Get your tyre pressures right, not too hard, not too soft. For our roads something like 100psi for the lightest riders up to maybe 130 for the more solidly built. Harder tyres likely won't be faster if you're not on a smooth velodrome surface.

  • Look out for aero savings, it's a lot easier than training harder, but you could always do that too! Doesn't have to mean buying new kit, just tidy everything up and optimise your position.

  • - tips on everything from people who know a lot about it. Be prepared for the banter though