Office Space or Practice Joining Options

Office Space Available Here



Offices range from sunny to cozy, are recently-renovated, and conveniently-located. 

-        Office sizes vary, from small to large

-        Options for phone/fax/printer/computer/internet

-    Free web listing for tenants.

-     Many additional benefits included (see "Chart of Benefits" on the right sidebar).   


Flexible renting options:

  • Pay flat, monthly rate for your own office, or
  • Rent for 1+ days/week on monthly basis (for furnished office), or
  • Pay percent rate, ranging from 19%-35%, depending on needs & contract length (see our FAQ on the right sidebar for more info.)


Please contact us to learn more.


Schaperow Psychology and Associates

Samuel Schaperow, LMFT

Practice Director

(860) 447-2047 ext. 1



Therapy Offices (above and below)

Waiting Room (above and below)

Waiting Room (in other suite)

Please select the below to see our flyer.  Also below is the "chart of benefits"& FAQ; please be sure to thoroughly read both of these prior to setting up an interview, as both contain almost all pertinent facts about our practice that allows you to have a good sense of if this practice is right for you:


-Chart of Benefits (C.O.B).docx, or see this preview C.O.B.

-Practice FAQ


If you are interested in a position in our practice instead of simply renting space, please see either of the following two links (each includes a testimonial):

Licensed Positions

Post-Grad/Doc Positions