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Nocturnal Bruxism

Nocturnal (nighttime) bruxism is largely an unconscious clenching or grinding of the teeth.  Many people do it and are not aware until they get either pain in the morning or a dentist notices exostoses, teeth wear, or other teeth damage.  Bruxism can result in many painful short-term or long-term oral-health problems.  We recommend two very different approaches (they are combinable, however):

I. Night Guard: One suggestion we have is to curb the behavior through getting a night guard.   We recommend ordering from J&S Dental Lab, given their exceptional excellence in customer service, low prices, and quality products.  They will ensure your guard is adjusted for comfort so you can best get used to the guard and continue to protect your teeth with it.

II. Biofeedback: Another option is to actually decrease the amount of bruxism you do at night through a technologically advanced device for use in your home.  While books, anecdotes, etc. claim you can decrease nocturnal bruxism through relaxation, positive thinking, dietary changes, etc., research does not largely support these claims (however, such strategies may help with diurnal [daytime] bruxism).  What is rather indisputably helpful for many people is a biofeedback device that elicits a quiet but audible tone whenever you're sleeping and have bruxism.  The one we've tested, and have seen research on that we recommend, is from Holistic Technologies LLC (select the link to the left and try a totally [your card isn't even charged during the trial period] free trial).  The improvement can be fast or gradual, depending on the person.  Some need the tone set to low or medium, and others to high (it is emitted by the device through your head to in your ear). 

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