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Sc2gears 14.3.3

posted Jan 22, 2014, 5:21 AM by András Belicza

  • Added support for 2.1 replays.
  • Adjusted the profile retriever to the changes made to profile pages so profile data is retrieved correctly again.
  • Added Season #17 and #18 start dates.
  • Added missing / new portrait images.
  • Added links to Scelight, the successor to Sc2gears (Help menu, Start page, About dialog).
With this release Sc2gears is being kept up-to-date, but no new features have been added for quite some time now: Scelight™ is the one being in the focus of development.
Although Scelight might lack some features that Sc2gears has or provides (yet), but the ones that are implemented are far superior to those of Sc2gears'. Scelight already has numerous features that Sc2gears never had.
It is recommended for everyone to get to know Scelight and get ready to completely switch over to Scelight one day. The sooner you make the switch the better.

Sc2gears 14.3.2

posted Sep 3, 2013, 3:43 AM by András Belicza

  • Added a new portrait image.
  • Added Season #16 start date.
  • Adjusted the profile retriever to the changes made to profile pages in season #15 so profile data is retrieved correctly again.

Sc2gears 14.3.1

posted Jun 24, 2013, 4:04 AM by András Belicza

  • Declaration of trademark in preparation of what's coming next...
  • Corrected the Season #14 start date, added Season #15 start date.
  • Other minor optimization.

Sc2gears 14.3

posted May 8, 2013, 3:24 AM by András Belicza

  • Updated the replay parser engine to support 2.0.8 replay files.
  • Added season #14 start date.
  • Added updated Chinese and Chinese Traditional language files.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Sc2gears 14.2

posted Apr 4, 2013, 2:10 AM by András Belicza

  • The name template engine now removes not allowed characters from the generated file name.
    This is required because map names may contain characters that are not allowed to be used in file names.
    If such characters are encountered, the template engine will substitute them with an underscore (_).
  • Added new portrait images.
  • Fixed a synchronization issue which sometimes caused incorrect displayed data in the replay search result when the search was performed using multiple CPU cores.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Sc2gears 14.1.1

posted Mar 25, 2013, 9:33 AM by András Belicza

  • Rebuilt Sc2gears version 14.1 because previous build left out some refactored code.

Sc2gears 14.1

posted Mar 25, 2013, 9:06 AM by András Belicza   [ updated Mar 25, 2013, 9:11 AM ]

  • League match-up and league match-up filter in the Sc2gears Database.
    In the Replays page of the Sc2gears Database User page there is now a Leagues column which contains the 1v1 league match-up info of the replay at the time of the game.
    There is also a new filter field above the table: League MU. This is a league match-up filter similar to the existing race match-up filter. Tool tip shows examples.
    This league match-up info is only available for replays uploaded with Sc2gears 14.1+.
    Tip: Re-upload all your 2.0+ replays and you will see the league info and will be able to search by league match-up.
  • Mouse print (SMPD) version 1.1.
    Smpd files now contain the name (and version) of the application that created them.
    The Sc2gears Database handles both 1.0 and 1.1 versions of Smpd.
  • Shortened URLs (addresses) in the Sc2gears Database.
    User page is now available here:
    API Use page is now available here:
  • The On-top APM display dialog no longer converts APM values to real-time because from 2.0 SC2 outputs real-time APM (instead of game-time APM).
  • Fixed a bug where extended profile info was parsed wrongly for players having both HotS and Wol ladders.
  • Other minor changes and improvements.

Sc2gears 14.0

posted Mar 19, 2013, 7:56 AM by András Belicza   [ updated Mar 19, 2013, 11:59 PM ]

  • (Again) Improved HotS parsing.
    The long awaited feature is here: Historical league info! 1v1 league info is now parsed out of replays. This is (of course) the league of players at the time of the game.
    Historical league info is exposed in the Game info tab of the Replay analyzer, in the Replay search, in the Command line interface, in the Plugin API and in the Parsing service.
    Swarm levels is parsed out of replays (at the time of the game) and is exposed in the Game info tab of the Replay analyzer.
    These info are available from replay version 2.0.
  • Replays with observers are now parsed properly.
  • Players in the Replay analyzer are now displayed with a colored border based on the 1v1 league at the time of the game.
    Unranked players have a light green border, players with unknown league (replays below 2.0) have a light red border.
  • Leagues in the Replay search!
    You can now search replays (players) specifying their league. You can list replays of only Master players for example.
    The replay list table of a search result now has a new column: Leagues. This column contains the league match-up, for example "PGvMS" (meaning Platinum+Gold vs Master+Silver).
    The league is the 1v1 league at the time of the replay, and this info is only available from replay version 2.0.
  • Search by league match-up!
    Added a simple-to-use but powerful League match-up filter. It's very similar to the race match-up filter.
    You can enter league letters you're looking for. Symbols (in English): R Grandmaster, M Master, D Diamond, P Platinum, G Gold, S Silver, B Bronze, U Unranked, - Unknown, v to separate teams, * to match all leagues. Examples: MvD, PvD, Dv*, DMvPG, PPv**, DPG.
    If you don't provide team separation just league letters, it will list replays where the indicated leagues are found.
    Example: if you search for "DPG*", it will list replays which include Diamond, Platinum and Gold league players, and there was at least a 4th player.
    If you provide team separation, it will list replays where the grouped leagues were in the same team.
    The "Exact match" property in case of this filter means: if it is checked, only replays that have exactly the same amount of teams and leagues as specified will be listed.
    For example DvD without exact match will also list DPvDG for example. DvD with exact match will only list DvD.
    League match-up search field is a pre-defined list: you can edit the offered list by opening the drop-down list and clicking on the "Edit list" link at the bottom, or in Pre-defined lists tab of the Misc settings dialog.
    Note 1: the league letters are the first letters of leagues in the language of Sc2gears (except R for Grandmaster)! This might vary if the user interface language of Sc2gears is changed. The tool tip shows the proper letters of leagues in the language of Sc2gears.
    Note 2: the League match-up filter can be combined with the Match-up filter of course, but care must be taken as they might work against each other (for example searching for "1v1" and "**v**" will never give any results).
  • League match-ups in Multi-replay analysis!
    If you perform a Multi-replay analysis and open the details of a player (by double clicking on it), you will see a new tab now: League match-ups.
    This League match-ups is similar to the (race) Match-ups tab, shows you all the statistics of playing with and vs different league players broken down to formats (such as 1v1, 2v2 etc.).
    The League match-ups tab shows you everything you want (or wanted) to know about your game statistics grouped by leagues.
    It shows you for example your (or any player's) statistics vs other leagues (vs Platinum for example), your record playing in a league (you playing in Platinum for example), your record vs any leagues, concrete league match-up records like Platinum vs Gold etc.
    Statistics included other than record are also very important here, for example the first and last game columns in the line of Pv* will show you when you first and last played as Platinum (promotion/demotion dates).
    The tables of the League match-ups can be filtered just like any other tables.
    If you filter the table by "*v", you will see immediately your records vs different leagues.
    If you filter the table by "v*", you will see immediately your records playing in different leagues.
  • New name template symbol: /Bx
    This symbol inserts the 1v1 league letter of the player at the time of the replay. League letters in English: R Grandmaster, M Master, D Diamond, P Platinum, G Gold, S Silver, B Bronze, U Unranked, - Unknown.
    It can also be used in the player block without the player index, for example "</p (/B)>" will result in "Bob (P) vs Alice (D)" (meaning "Bob (Platinum) vs Alice (Diamond)").
  • Added Season #13 start date.
  • Fixed a bug where the profile engine failed to get profile info of players with no games ever played.
  • Plugin API 4.2:
    getLeague() and getSwarmLevels() added to IPlayer.
    isCompetitive() and getLeagueMatchup() added to IReplay.
  • Other minor changes and optimization.

Sc2gears 13.1

posted Mar 14, 2013, 12:53 PM by András Belicza

  • Improved replay parser engine.
    Expansion level (WoL or HotS) is now parsed, and exposed in the Replay search, on the Game info tab in the Replay analyzer, in the command line interface and in the plugin interface.
    Map hash for HotS replays and custom games (including old ones) is now parsed correctly.
    Added missing ability codes and missing ability and upgrade icons. The map view chart will now for HotS replays too.
    Slightly modified the EAPM algorithm to include the Thor's transformations and the Widow Mine's activate actions as ineffective if repeated without time restriction.
    The Parsing Service has also been updated with these improvements.
    Due to previous incorrect map parsing it is strongly recommended to re-upload all HotS and old custom replays to the Sc2gears Database.
    Easiest way is to just re-upload all your replays (the database detects if a replay is already stored and will only update it, not store it duplicated).
    Just list all your replays, right click and choose "Store replays".
  • Added new portrait images.
  • The Replay analyzer now also displays the XAPM as percent growth (if XAPM is enabled above the chart).
  • Code optimization (using Java 7 new features).
  • The Map preview tab of the Replay analyzer now automatically tries the replay's gateway for map download if the map is not available on the selected gateway.
  • Fixed a bug where the profile engine failed to get profile info of GM ranked players with no games played.
  • Plugin API 4.1.
    Contains the added new abilities, and also exposes the expansion level (IReplay.getExpansion()).
  • Other minor changes, fixes and improvements.

Sc2gears 13.0

posted Feb 28, 2013, 5:16 AM by András Belicza

  • Java 7 requirement!
    This Sc2gears release now requires Java 7 (instead of Java 6). If you only have Java 6 installed on your computer, you won't be able to run Sc2gears.
    You can install Java 7 from here:
  • HotS replays are now finally fully supported.
    The replay parsing engine has been improved to support HotS replays.
    The EAPM algorithm has been extended to HotS.
    Also fixed previous parsing errors, added new unit ids and images.
  • Fixed a small bug which caused incorrect display of samples count for loaded mouse prints.
  • Plugin API 4.0
    The plugin API jar has also been recompiled with Java 7.
    New Hots units, researches and abilities have been added.

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