Sc2gears Database

What is the Sc2gears Database?

Replays are becoming more and more important as Blizzard has shown that they can and they do hide important statistics arbitrary from profile pages. Replays remain your only source to get detailed statistics about your play and improvements.

Sc2gears Database is a secure server to store ALL your replays and other related files privately.

With the built-in sharing feature you can share your Database account with others which makes the Sc2gears Database ideal for StarCraft II teams to store and share their replays with the team.

You do not have to worry anymore about losing your replays or Sc2gears mouse prints. Doesn't matter if your computer crashes, you accidently delete your replays, or someone/something intentionally deletes them from your computer. Your replays are secured online and are accessible from anywhere any time.

With Sc2gears you can upload all your saved replays at once, and it can automatically store your new replays for you in the Sc2gears Database server right after they are saved.

Beyond storing all your replays Sc2gears Database provides other services like storing the Top Scores table of the Mouse practice game or storing public comments bound to replays.

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Is it more than just a storage service like Dropbox?

Yes! Some examples that make it different and more:

1) It's integrated into Sc2gears, everything is automatic and you can upload/download manually as well.

2) Built-in Database Account Sharing and Team support.

3) The web interface allows you to filter replays by certain properties like map, players, type (AutoMM, Private, Public etc.), format (1v1, 2v2, FFA, etc.), date from, date to, match-up, gateway. No matter how many replays you have stored (be it even hundreds of thousands of replays!), you get the search results in the fraction of a second!

4) You can label replays in the Sc2gears Database just like you can label emails in GMail, and you can also filter replays by labels.

5) You can add comment to any replays. You can list replays where you added a private comment, or the ones where you did not.

6) The web interface can also show you more details about replays and mouse prints, because the Sc2gears Database knows these are StarCraft II replays and Sc2gears Mouse prints (while Dropbox doesn't know their internal formats and treats them like unknown file types).

Sharing and Team support

The Sc2gears Database has built-in support for sharing the Database Account and support teams. A Database Account can be shared with any other Google Accounts. On the web interface you will see the list of all Database accounts that has been shared with you, and you can select which one you would like to see and use. To see the Database Accounts shared with you, you also have to possess a Database account (which can be any including the Free account).

Things that can be viewed and done within a shared database account is controlled by permissions. Permissions can be set for each granted Google Account individually fine tuning who can do and what within the shared database account.

The Database Account sharing can be viewed and changed on the Settings page of the web interface.

Tip: If you want to find out what others will see and be able to do with your Database account when you share it with them, simply share your Database account with yourself granting the same permissions you want to grant them. Refresh the page, and you will appear in the shared account list twice. Select the one which starts with "SHARED".

It's secure!

1) Everything is done over a secure connection (HTTPS). Every info and replay is transmitted over a secure connection, hackers who monitor the network traffic are not able to decode it.

2) You are never asked for any passwords: even the Sc2gears Database does not know (does not need to know) your password. Sc2gears communicates with the server with an Authorization key (see below). 

3) Your content is stored duplicated on a secure, distributed network, not on some some private server which lacks security solutions or administrators with proper expertise to handle security and backups. 

The Sc2gears Database Web Interface uses Google account for authentication. What does this mean?

-Google manages your account and password. They do a lot better job at keeping it safe and secure than anyone else could.

-If you have a GMail account, then you already have a Google Account. If not, you can use any email address to create a Google Account.

-Your password is never given out to any 3rd parties (unlike for example a site where you register). To Sc2gears Database Google only provides the info whether you are logged in and with which account.

-If you use other Google products (like GMail or Google Docs) and you are logged in to any of those, you will have access to your Sc2gears Database User Page without having to log in again.

How can I register an account for the Sc2gears Database?

1) First you have to create a Google Account if you don't have one.

2) Visit the Sc2gears Database User Page. If you don't already have an Sc2gears Database account, a tiny registration form will be displayed to you. With that, you can create your account literally in 30 seconds.

3) You're done. You receive an automated email with the details of your account. The email contains your Authorization key and the link to your Sc2gears Database User Page.

   You can start uploading your saved replays immediately. Be sure to enable automatic replay storing. (To store old replays: list them, right click and choose "Store replays"; to enable auto-storing: Misc settings dialog, Replay auto-save tab, and enable "Auto-store new replays")

If you want to upgrade to a paid package:

1) First create a free account (steps are detailed above).

2) You have to send a minimum payment of 5 USD to my PayPal account (email address: ). See prices of different packages below.

   In the comment section indicate that you want to upgrade your Sc2gears Database account.

   Note: This is a one-time fee, no monthly costs.

   Note #2: This payment is not for my development efforts. It is to pay for the storage, bandwidth and other resoruces that your replays and other files need.

   Note #3: If you don't have a PayPal account, you can ask a friend of yours to send the money in your name.

   Note #4: If PayPal is not an option for you, you can pay via bank transfer, but the transaction fee will be probably higher. Contact me for bank transfer details.

3) Send me an email (email address: ) with the following details:

  • PayPal account that you sent the money from.
  • Your Google account that you signed up with for the Sc2gears Database account.
    Warning! Google account is case sensitive! Tip: Login to the Sc2gears Database User Page, and it will display your Google account in a case sensitive manner.

   I reply to every email. If you don't receive a reply even for a day, check your spam folder because most likely that's where my reply landed.

Authorization key

Sc2gears communicates with the Sc2gears Database server using an Authorization key instead of your password.

The authorization key is a secret key known only to its owner and to the Sc2gears Database.

The Authorization key is sent to the users via email after registration, and you can also view your key or generate a new one on the Sc2gears Database User Page. You can set your Authorization key on the "Sc2gears Database" tab of the Miscellaneous settings dialog inside Sc2gears.

If you think your Authorization key might have been compromised, simply generate a new one and change the key in your Sc2gears to the new key.


Everyone can sign up for a Free Sc2gears Database package which comes with 5 MB storage space. This is enough for approximately 100 replays so you can try out the service.

The minimum payment (5 USD) comes with 250 MB storage space. This is enough for approximately 5 thousand replays which is sufficient for many.

At least the Silver package is recommended if you plan to use the Sc2gears Database to store all your replays and mouse prints (1 GB => 20,000 replays is sufficient for the majority).

You can get additional storage for the following prices:

 Package  Price (1)   Storage (2)  # of replays (3)  Replays stored for $1
  Free 0 USD  5 MB  100  - 
  Bronze  5 USD   250 MB   5,000   1,000 
  Silver  12 USD   1 GB   20,000   1,666 
  Gold 19 USD   2 GB   40,000   2,105 
  Platinum  35 USD   4 GB   80,000   2,285 
  Diamond  49 USD   6 GB   120,000   2,448 
  Master  64 USD   8 GB   160,000   2,500 
  Grandmaster  79 USD   10 GB   200,000   2,531 

(1) Prices indicate a one-time fee, there are no recurring monthly costs. Prices include the costs of all necessary resources (storage, incoming and outgoing bandwidth, CPU usage).
(2) Storage conversion: 1 MB = 1,000,000 bytes, 1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes
(3) The number of replays is an approximation. Size of replays depends on their length, number of players, number of actions.

You can request even more storage if the Grandmaster package is not enough for you.

You can upgrade your current package at any time by sending the price difference (for example if you paid 12 USD for 1 GB and you want 2 GB, you have to send 19-12 = 7 USD to upgrade to 2 GB).

This price table is also available on the User page under the Payments tab, where the price table also displays the payments required to upgrade to each of the listed packages.

Other services provided by the Sc2gears Database

Integration into Sc2gears

The Sc2gears Database can easily be accessed from Sc2gears:

  • There is an "Sc2gears Database" tab in the Miscellaneous settings dialog to view, edit and check the Authorization key.
  • There are "Auto-store new replays" and "Store all mouse prints" settings to enable storing new replays and new mouse prints automatically.
  • "Store replays" replay operation to store any number of replays at once.
  • "Store mouse print" and  "Select mouse prints to store" buttons on the Mouse print recorder to store the current mouse print or any number of mouse prints at once.
  • "Private data" tab in the Replay analyzer where you can instantly set the replay labels and private comments of the replay directly from Sc2gears.
  • "Public comments" tab in the Replay analyzer where you can post public comments, and if you set an Authorization key, you will be able to edit these comments in the future.
  • Diagnostic tests that check the Authorization key and the pre-conditions of the auto-store settings.
  • A Start page channel to display the User Quota.
  • An "Sc2gears Database downloader" tool to download multiple files from the Sc2gears Database (available from the Tools menu inside Sc2gears).
  • Auto score check and score submit in the Mouse practice game, also you can view the Top Scores table of the Mouse practice game inside Sc2gears.
  • "OK and Store settings" button on the Miscellaneous settings dialog to store your settings file (settings.xml).
  • "Store item" in the context menu when you right click on the replay lists and replay sources in the navigation bar which stores the selected replay list or replay source.


The maximum allowed file size is around 24 MB (the typical size of 1v1 replays is around 50 KB and 100..200 KB in case of team games so you will never run into this).

Terms of Service

    Last updated: 2012-05-15

1) The payment is not refundable. You cannot change your mind and request the money back.

2) If the service is terminated in the future, you can claim the proportional amount of your payment projected to 2 years. For example if you register today and the service gets shut down a year from now, you can claim half of your payment.

3) Price changes do not affect already paid packages. If you want to upgrade to a higher package, it will require a payment of the difference of your payment and the new price. The payment required to upgrade is displayed on the Payment tab of the User page.

4) It is your responsibility to keep your Google account and your Authorization key safe. I take no responsibility for issues arising from your Google account or your Authorization key getting compromised. I also take no responsibility for issues arising from you sharing your your Database account using the built-in sharing feature, and the granted users abusing the permissions you granted them.

5) Accounts that are inactive for 1 year may be subject to deletion. An email is sent to the account 1 month prior to the deletion to inform the user and give chance to show activity. 

6) Accounts abusing the service will be suspended and/or deleted. This includes -but not limited to- generating unreasonably high traffic.

7) I reserve the right to change the terms.

Privacy Policy

    Last updated: 2012-05-15

1) Files uploaded to the Sc2gears Database are only available to the account owner, the users explicitly granted access by the account owner and me, and are never given out to anyone else.

2) There are no individual or aggregate information collected from the uploaded files that would be shared with anyone else in any way.