Custom portraits

What are the custom portraits?

Sc2gears automatically retrieves and displays the profile info of all players in the Replay analyzer. By default your portrait image is displayed as the portrait next to your name in the in the Replay analyzer and in the Player Profile dialog.

For a small fee, you can change your portrait picture to anything you like, and everyone who opens a replay in Sc2gears with you in it will see the picture of your choice as the player profile.

All you have to do is provide an image file in a size of 90x90 that you want to be your portrait. You can even set any portraits that you have not earned in StarCraft II! You can also set your own photo or even animated GIFs!

Offending, racist or pornography pictures might be denied (tasty erotic pictures are allowed), so if you want something nasty, it's better to first check if your desired portrait picture is allowed (by sending it to me).

This can be very useful especially for top players and progamers because their replays are downloaded and checked by thousands or tens of thousands of people.


    Open the following replay in Sc2gears. You will see a custom animated GIF portrait next to the player SCIIGears.

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How to get a custom portrait?

1) Transfer the 5 USD fee to my PayPal account (email address: ), in the comment indicate that you want a custom portrait.

2) Send me an email with the following details:

  • the email address you sent the money from
  • your desired custom portrait image as an attachment; in the size of 90x90, accepted image formats: JPG, PNG, GIF (including animated GIF)
  • if your custom portrait is an animated GIF, also provide it in the size of 45x45 (image editors like GIMP can resize animated GIFs)
  • one replay as an attachment with the player you want the custom portrait for; also tell me which player in the replay


A custom portrait costs a one-time 5 USD, there are no recurring monthly costs.

For the price you can request changing the portrait image 5 times, or you can request to remove it at any time (to revert to your portrait image).

If you want to change it again after the 5 free changes, you have to pay another 5 USD (and you get 5 more free changes).


The maximum allowed animated GIF size is 200 KB, no limitation for non-animated images.

Terms of Service

      Last updated: 2011-05-31

1) The payment is not refundable. You cannot change your mind and request the money back.

2) If the service is terminated in the future, you can claim the proportional amount of your payment projected to 2 years. For example if you pay for a custom portrait today and the service gets shut down a year from now, you can claim half of your payment.

3) Price changes do not affect already paid custom portraits.

4) If you pay to change someone else's portrait, the owner of that account can request to remove the custom portrait and you will not get your money back.

5) I reserve the right to change the terms.