Public replay commenting

Sc2gears has an integrated public replay commenting system. You can comment and rate any replays. The public replay commenting is available on the "Public comments" tab of the Replay analyzer.

Although the title says "Public comments", the posts can only be seen by those who have the replay. This means that the replay is the key to these comments: if you have the replay, you can see the comments, if you don't have the replay, you can't see the comments. You can use this to post private comments on your own replays, but keep in mind that if someone acquires the replay, he/she will be able to read the posts. (Note: if you want to add completely private comments to a replay which are not shared with anyone even if they have the replay, you can do that on the "Private data" tab which requires a valid Sc2gears Database Authorization key.)

Comments and rating are not mandatory: you can comment and rate, you can rate only, or you can comment only.

Replays are neither sent to nor stored on the server.

Replays saved by different players from the same game are considered as different replays (they don't share comments and rating).

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Terms of Service

    Last updated: 2011-11-14

By posting you agree to the following terms:

1) The service is anonymous, no registration is required. Although if you have a valid Sc2gears Database Authorization key, you might get additional features later on for your comments.

2) Abusing the service may result in removal of the posts and/or permanent ban from the back-end server. This means you will not be able to read and post comments, furthermore you will not be able to detect updates, download Start page channel contents and the Top Scores Table. Abusing includes -but not limited to- spamming, posting offensive or racist comments.

3) I reserve the right to change the terms.