BREAKING NEWS: OCTOBER 7, 2015 - Patch 3.0 - The END of Sc2gears.

StarCraft II's Patch 3.0 rendered Sc2gears' parsing engine incapable of doing its work. In short: Sc2gears can no longer parse replays since Patch 3.0.

No further updates will be released for Sc2gears, only Scelight will be maintained. Visit the Scelight home page and start using it.

✞ R.I.P. Sc2gears! Lived 5 years, 6 months and 5 days! (April 2, 2010 - October 7, 2015)

May God bless You All.

Scelight (the successor to Sc2gears) has been released.

Download the latest release

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 Download:  Sc2gears-14.3.3 for all operating systems ( Windows,  MAC OS-X and  Linux)
(Use right click and "Save link as..." if it doesn't work.)

 Mirrors if the main server is not available: Mirror #1 Sc2gears-14.3.3

 Size:  6.26 MB
 Release date:  2014-01-22
 Included plugins:   The Sound of Victory (author: András Belicza)
  Build Orders Table (author: András Belicza)
 Supported replay versions:  All versions: 1.0 - 2.1.5  (both WoL and HotS replays); 3.0 and LotV are not supported!
 Included languages:               
 (some translations may be out-dated)
 SHA-256 checksum:  db26bc7d84e125f5c13bfc50e502f9d9fd94cad86ea9ddf9643a61a53afd137e
 How can I verify this checksum?

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Download the Plugin API

You only need this if you want to write plugins for Sc2gears.
 Download:  Sc2gears Plugin API 4.2 (Plugin interface library, example plugins with source code, Javadoc)

 Mirrors if the main server is not available: Mirror #1 Sc2gears Plugin API 4.2

 Size:  890 KB
 Release date:  2013-03-19
 Included plugins
 (with source code):
  The Sound of Victory (author: András Belicza)
Build Orders Table (author: András Belicza)
File info (author: András Belicza)
 SHA-256 checksum:  9ebe50a470cad3f66e3a999ccd4739a52ab5864dbd214c6afedf8572fd8f1f2e
 How can I verify this checksum?

More about the Plugin API: Plugin interface


Just download the zip file and extract it to anywhere you like. You're done.

It is advised not to put Sc2gears in special folders like "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Windows" where normal users do not have write access therefore Sc2gears would not be able to save settings and replay sources and lists.

On MAC OS-X you can start Sc2gears by double clicking on the file "Sc2gears-os-x-command".

Note that on Linux and MAC OS-X you (might) have to set executable permission on the starter script. Open a console/terminal, navigate to the Sc2gears folder where you extracted it, and execute the following command:

Linux: "chmod +x"
OS-X: "chmod +x Sc2gears-os-x.command"

It only has to be done once. After that you can start Sc2gears with the following command:

Windows: double click on the "Sc2gears.exe"
OS-X: "./Sc2gears-os-x.command"

Update from an older release

Sc2gears contains an automated self-updater. It should notify you on startup if a new version is available (if you didn't disable it). Just press the "Update" button when it pops up. You can force an update check in the Help menu. The self-updater will delete/overwrite files that are part of Sc2gears, and it will keep your lists, settings, logs (they are saved in the "User Content" folder) and other custom files in the Sc2gears folder.

If the self-updater doesn't work for you, just download manually the latest release, extract it to anywhere, and optionally copy the "User Content" folder from the old version to keep all your settings and logs.

What's new in the latest release?

You can read the changes and new features on the Version history page.