Sc2gears has many features which are described on the following pages:
  • Replay search describes how can you search and manage StarCraft II replays.
  • Replay analyzer describes what basic and statistical information and charts you can get from a StarCraft II replay.
  • Multi-replay analysis describes what advanced statistics you can get from analyzing and gathering information from multiple replays at once.
  • Name template engine describes how you can define name templates to dynamically name or rename your replays.
  • Replay sharing describes how can you share your replays with a few clicks on different replay sites, and what are the requirements from replays sites to be included in Sc2gears.
  • Public replay commenting describes the integrated public replay commenting system.
  • Build order import describes how can you import and analyze Build orders in Sc2gears, and the exact format of the Build order text.
  • Mouse print recorder describes what mouse prints are, how you can record them with Sc2gears, and the structure and specification of SMPD files used to store mouse print binary data.
  • Mouse practice game describes the Mouse practice game and the custom rules.
  • Command Line Interface describes the command line interface of Sc2gears.
  • Custom portraits describes what custom portraits are and how you can get one.
  • Private Video Streaming describes what private video streaming is and how you can start your own stream with Sc2gears.
  • Miscellaneous describes different features of Sc2gears as an application.
  • Plugin interface describes how you can create and add plugins and extensions for Sc2gears.

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