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My First Antique Store Item Sells

posted Feb 27, 2014, 12:02 PM by Jason Spangler Santeeswapper
When opening an antique mall booth for Boy Scout and Girl Scout memorabilia in Lumberton, NC I never expected that the first item I would sell out of my both would be a glass bunny rabbit dish for $2!  Let me explain.  In one of the recent collections I got in the lady packed in a bunch of extra stuff that I thought came from her husband.  I really have no idea why she did this but she packed in some decorative stuff including a pair of chicken hen salt and pepper shakers.  There was also a colored glass Easter bunny dish.  Needless to say when I was unpacking this box into the booth at Somewhere in Time Antiques I was like "WTH" and just put them on the top shelf and priced them at $2.  She also included 4 Beanie Babies (NO!!!!!) so these too got sat on the shelf.  Well when I came in today to work on the booth the ladies up front graciously told me I had sold my first item yesterday.  My eyes got big until they told me it was the Easter bunny dish.  I guess since that is the next big holiday coming up it shouldn't be too surprising.   Oh well!  I'm glad to break the ice and have my first sale so now on to some good Scouting collector sales.