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Not Just Boy Scout Stuff! Girl Scouts & Campfire Girls Too

posted Mar 7, 2014, 12:24 PM by Jason Spangler Santeeswapper
One of the boxes that I cracked open this week at the antique mall to stock my booth contained tons of pieces that were not Boy Scouts at all.  In fact I believe I've got 8-10 boxes of Girl Scout and Campfire Girl stuff.  In the pictures below I feature just a hint of these items.  The other kinda neat thing I stocked in the booth today was ditty bags from probably 25 different Order of the Arrow events.  It has been pretty common over the last few decades that when you go to an event you get a bag to carry or wear that has the emblem of the event silk screened on it.  Since my booth is a great place to sell 3D items I put my stock in there. 

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