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Vintage Boy Scout Memorabilia Clearance Antique Mall Booth

I have been selling Scouting memorabilia on eBay for almost twenty years.  So the idea of having a brick and mortar store location for Scouting collectibles might sound a little backwards.  However, for several years now I've run with a strategy to have an antique mall booth location where I can sell 7 days/week to anybody while I'm back in the office throwing stuff up on the Internet. 

Today my Santeeswapper Store booth is my clearance center.  Having accumulated mountains of uniforms, books, and other hard to ship items this booth at The Sleepy Poet is going to help me move inventory while giving collectors, Scouters and parents a bargain.  You won't find any "antique mall prices" in my booth.  I've got 50+ year old handbooks for $5 and many old uniforms for $10.  Believe it or not I have more of this kind of stuff in a storage unit so I discovered the only way to move it quickly was to give people a price that they couldn't find anywhere else.  Please follow me on Facebook or find me on Google+ for more updates.

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