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Charlotte NC Boy Scout Antique Mall Booth A Destination

posted May 28, 2017, 5:59 AM by Jason Spangler Santeeswapper
As a business owner when you get an unsolicited message from a happy customer it's a good day.  This one came in on my Facebook Page and put a big smile on my face.  Mostly because what he describes is exactly what I hope I've created in my booth.  A destination spot that is tempting enough for Scouting collectors to pull off the Interstate when they are traveling through Charlotte to come check it out.  Thank you J. Durkin!

"Evening Jason. We were passing thru Charlotte today on our way south and stopped at the booth at Sleepy Poet Antique Mall. Very cool display!! My Scout son and I dug thru the #1.00 bin. He was soo hoping to find something from our Council. And we geeked out over some of the other items you have there. The bugle was beautiful. Ended up w another Scout book and like 6 patches. I collect SM ones and he found a couple too. We are from Ohio, Buckeye Council, and I have purchased/won items from you before on eBay. Just wanted to say thanks and that we enjoyed the store. Have a great weekend" posted on Scouting Hot Finds Newsletter Facebook Page on May 28, 2017