Associate Professor

Département de biologie

Université Laval

1045 avenue de la Médecine

Québec (Qc), G1V 0A6


Tel.: (+1) 418-656-2131 ext 406073

My research program in statistical ecology is multidisciplinary, at the interface between evolutionary ecology and statistics. Most ecologists focus on answering specific questions, and statistics are simply a mean to obtain those answers. My program is mostly opposite; it seeks to determine how statistical methods can best be used to quantify ecological processes, mostly relating to life histories, population dynamics, species occupancy, conservation, and behavioural and evolutionary ecology. I strive for both statistical rigour and ecological relevance to answer novel and timely research questions at all levels of biological organization. Within this vision, my long-term aims are to evaluate and develop analytical methods to quantify ecological processes describing the interplay among biotic, abiotic, and anthropogenic drivers of population and ecosystem dynamics, apply these methods to different systems, particularly in northern regions, perform comparative analyses to assess the external validity of case studies, and provide statistical recommendations to guide ecological research.