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Welcome to the homepage of the Sacramento Valley Airgun Club

The SVAC is a group of northern California airgun enthusiasts promoting airgunning as a sport. The main events of the club are the monthly field target matches from March to November (weather allowing).

If you are interested in participating or would just like to learn more, please feel free to drop us a line!

Jim Cyran and Scott Schneider, match directors for the club, do a masterful job of keeping us happy ... and well-fed!

Here is  Jim's pre-season message for 2017:
Well, field target shooters, it's March and the 2017 Sacramento Valley Field Target season is about to begin. We will again be shooting at both the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center in Ione and the Yolo Sportsman's Association in Davis [scroll down for maps to these locations].

In order to make it easier to remember our matches we have scheduled all matches for the fourth Sunday of each month. We will also be alternating locations each month so that competitors who only shoot one location do not have to wait four months for a match.

Listed below are the dates and locations for each match. A reminder email will be sent out about a week before each match.

We are looking forward to this season and we plan on having some fun and exciting matches. The National Championship is being held in the West (Phoenix, AZ) for the first time in five years.
The match is scheduled for early November so we will be trying to help shooters get prepared for the competition. We also have some of our shooters planning on competing in the World Championships in Wales in September. So plan on having a few difficult targets each match to challenge our better shooters.

I look forward to seeing everyone again and continuing to have fun and grow the airgun sport.

Sacramento Valley Field Target Dates 2017
(hyperlinked when results, pictures and a report are available)

Mar  Ione  Mar 26, 2017 
Apr  Yolo  Apr 23, 2017
May  Ione  May 28, 2017
Jun  Yolo  Jun 25, 2017
Jul  Ione  Jul 30, 2017 
Aug  Yolo  Aug 27, 2017 
Sep  Ione  Sep 24, 2017
Oct  Yolo  Oct 22, 2017
Nov  Ione  Nov 26, 2017

Yolo Sportsman's Association (where field target matches will be held)

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center (usual range for field target matches marked)