Welcome to the Sacramento VALLEY AIRGUN CLUB

Important Notice Regarding Ammunition

Pellets that are completely made of lead, lead alloy, zinc, zinc alloy, or similar all-metal material may be used. Airgun slugs may not be used.” 

- AAFTA Official Field Target Rules Handbook (link), pg. 5, "Ammunition"

No slugs of any caliber are allowed to be used in SVFTC matches 

Even though pellets splatter, they do still beat up targets. Slugs, due to their more solid body shape, do not splatter, which makes them even more damaging to the targets. This leads to face plates denting as well as excessive strike paddle damages that could require repair.

This ban on using slugs in field target matches applies to all SVFTC field target matches and will be enforced as deemed fair by the acting Club Match Director of any SVFTC event.

The Sacramento Valley Airgun Club is a group of Northern California airgun enthusiasts promoting airgunning as a sport. The main events of the club are field target matches that are held monthly from March to November.

Scott Schneider and Fred Biergiel, our gracious hosts for the club, do a masterful job of keeping us happythe targets may not always be the easiest to hit, but it's always a fun time

If you’re interested in participating or would just like to learn more, drop by during a match. Our schedule for 2024 can be seen in the Match Schedule page. 

Interested in Extreme Field Target or Air Rifle Benchrest?

Contact us to talk about it. We're actively looking to expand airgun sports in the area, and we'd like to hear your ideas! Although we concentrate on field target, our members are also very active in other disciplines.

Sacramento Match Location

Our monthly matches are held in Ione, CA at Sacramento Valley Shooting Center from March to November.

We're always looking for different areas to hold field target matches at. If you have land that you'd be open to allowing matches on, please let us know! 

View the full list of matches for 2024

Sacramento Valley Shooting Center 

15501 Meiss Rd, Sloughhouse, CA 95683