Royal Papua and New Guinea Constabulary

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The 567 names of Warrant Officers and Officers listed, are compiled from lists at the National Archives of Australia, Papua New Guinea Association of Australia and the comprehensive list supplied by Maxwell Hayes (ex-Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary) I have untaken to be positive that all names are accurate and complete, this list covers names from the Armed Native Constabulary*, Royal Papuan Constabulary*, New Guinea Police Force** and the Royal Papua & New Guinea Constabulary. The list covers names from 1884- 1975


This List does not cover the Royal Papua & New Guinea Constabulary Field Constabulary (The Kiaps)



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 Sir Hubert Murray (29 December 1861 – 27 February 1940), was a juge and Lieutenant-Governor of Papua from 1908 until his death at Samarai.
 Police Ode

As the sun surely sets: dawn will see it arise, for service, above self, demands its own prize. You have fought the good fight: life’s race has been run, and peace, your reward, for eternity begun. And we that are left, shall never forget, rest in peace friend and colleague, for the sun has now set. We will remember. We will remember. Hasten the dawn.

Police Ode written in 1995 by WA Police Chaplain Barry May




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