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Frantz, Mary L. "Richard Wilson the solo piano works, 1974 - 1986 /." 1992.  "This document centers on Wilson's style as represented in the three major works, Eclogue (1974), Fixations (1985), and Intercalations (1986). Each of these works is discussed separately and examined analytically in Chapters Two through Four. Issues that are addressed include pitch and rhythmic organization, large structural aspects, timbral and textural features, and pianistic issues.


What makes an 'intercalation' more appealing to a composer than an 'interpolation' or 'insert' is its association with time: a day added to the calendar in order to reconcile our figuring of the twelve months with the solar year.  The 29th of February, that mysterious gift of extra time available every fourth year, is an intercalation.  It stands outside the system and does not seem to make us any older.

 My INTERCALATIONS were written in 1986 for Margaret Mills, who gave their premiere in Merkin Concert Hall, New York City on November 19, 1986.  Each of the four pieces bears a subtitle and can be related to a traditional keyboard model.  The first, INTERSPACE, alternates passages of imitative counterpoint with excursions that often involve figuration or ornamentation rather in the manner of a preludial ricercare.  INTERPLAY is toccata-like, with steady rapid motion that features repeated notes.  INTERLACING is a song without words: meditative, lyrical, improvisatory and moody.  The last, INTERACTION, the most orchestral of the four, is a narrative perhaps akin to the ballade or tone poem.