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YearTitleGenreLengthProgram NoteOrder ScoreRecording
YearTitleGenreLengthProgram NoteOrder ScoreRecording
2016 Outswappings Four Clarinets or Saxophone Quartet     
2016 The Science of Musical Sounds, words of Samuel Johnson in Honor of George LaBalme Voice and Piano     
2015 Sequentiae, Latin settings SATB a cappella     
2015 Reed Actions Clarinet and Bassoon    YouTube video; Paul Cho, clarinet, and Brad Balliett, bassoon 
2015 On the Death of Juan Gelman Voice and Piano     
2015 Add Hocket Percussion Ensemble     
2015 On the Death of Juan Gelman Voice, Clarinet, and Piano     
2014 The Cello Has Many Secrets for Voice and Cello (chamber version) Concerto 20:00    
2014 Distractions Six Instruments     
2014 Limericks, on poems by Edward Lear Two Singers     
2013 Three Fables by Ennis Rees After Aesop for SATB  Mixed Choir 10:00   YouTube video; Vassar Choir 
2013 Psalm 42 for Solo Tenor Voice 5:00   YouTube video; Patrick Connolly, tenor 
2013 Miss Fogerty's Cake for Solo Tenor Voice 5:00    
2013 Charades for solo piano Piano    YouTube video; Todd Crow, piano 
2012 Quintet for Clarinet and Strings Mixed Ensemble 20:00   YouTube video; DECODA--Moran Katz, clarinets; Anna Elashvili and Owen Dalby, violins; Nathan Schram, viola; Yves Dharamraj, cello 
2012 With Lullay, Lullay Like a Child Mixed Choir     
2011 Speculation Mixed Ensemble 15:00    
2011 Mixed Signals for Violin and Piano Duo 10:00   YouTube video; Joseph Genualdi, violin; Richard Wilson, piano 
2011 Three Fugues by Lionel Feininger (orchestration) Orchestra 10:00 ASO   
2010 Symphony No. 3 Orchestra 20:00    
2010 Soundcheck String Orchestra 10:00    
2009 Mnemonics Solo Piano 12:00  link  
2009 Bagatelle Solo Harpsichord  10:00    
2009 Two Songs on Poems by Eamon Grennan Soprano, violin, and piano 6:00  link  
2009 Four Songs on Poems by John Updike Voice 10:00  link  
2008 The Cello Has Many Secrets for Voice, Cello, and Orchestra Concerto 20:00 pdf  iTunes 
2008 String Quartet No. 5 String Quartet 20:00  link  
2008 Timeshare Clarinet and Cello 10:00  link YouTube video; Moran Katz, clarinet; Sophie Shao, cello 
2006 I Walked Through the Medieval Town Voice 6:00 pdf   
2006 Chamisha Tehillim for mezzo-soprano, baritone and orchestra Concerto 20:00 pdf link  
2006 Gravitas Solo Contrabass 10:00 pdf  iTunes 
2006 Three Songs on Poems by Paul Kane Voice 8:00 pdf   
2005 Brash Attacks for trumpet and trombone Mixed Ensemble 8:00 pdf  iTunes 
2005 Senza Furore Mixed Ensemble 10:00 pdf  iTunes 
2005 Visits to St. Elizabeth's Voice 8:00 pdf   
2004 Diablerie Solo Violin 7:30 pdf link YouTube video; Rolf Schulte, violin 
2004 Four Love Songs for Voice and Orchestra Concerto 11:00 pdf link  
2003 Peregrinations for Viola and Orchestra Orchestra 14:00 pdf  link  
2003 Piano Trio Mixed Ensemble 23:00 pdf  iTunes 
2003 Silhouette with Revelry Orchestra 13:00 pdf link  
2003 Organicity Solo Organ 10:00 pdf   
2001 Aethelred the Unready (Chamber Version)  75:00   iTunes 
2000 Motivations for Cello and Piano Mixed Ensemble 9:30 pdf  iTunes 
2000 Ironies Solo Oboe 9:00 pdf  iTunes 
2000 Three Songs on Poems by John Ashbery Voice 6:00 pdf   
1999 Intimations for Piano and Orchestra Concerto 10:00 pdf link  
1998, 2001 String Quartet No. 4 String Quartet 33:00 pdf link YouTube video; The Attacca Quartet-Amy Schroeder and Keiko Tokunaga, violins; Nathan Schram, viola; and Andrew Yee, cello 
1997 A Child's London for Speaker and Orchestra Orchestra 12:00 pdf   
1997 Canzona for French Horn and String Quartet Mixed Ensemble 8:00 pdf link iTunes 
1996 Three Interludes for Violin and Piano Mixed Ensemble 5:30 pdf link iTunes 
1996 Transfigured Goat for Mezzo, Baritone, Clarinet, and Piano Voice 15:00 pdf  Youtube Video; Mary Ann Hart, Richard Lalli, Allen Blustine, and Richard Wilson 
1995 Five Love Songs on Poems by John Skelton Voice 13:00 pdf   
1995 Touchstones Solo Flute 5:00 pdf link  
1995 Pamietam for Voice and Orchestra Concerto 20:00 pdf link  
1995 Poor Warren Mixed Choir 9:30 pdf  iTunes 
1994 Aethelred the Unready (full orchestra version) Opera 75:00    
1994 Agitations Orchestra 12:00 pdf link  
1994 Triple Concerto for French Horn, Bass Clarinet, and Marimba Concerto 30:00 pdf link  
1992 Civilization and Its Discontents Solo Tuba 6:00 pdf link iTunes 
1992 On the Street Voice 7:00   YouTube video; Matthew Patrick Morris  
1991 Concerto for Piano and Orchestra Concerto 30:00 pdf link  
1991 Articulations Orchestra 30:00 pdf link  
1990 Persuasions for Soprano, Flute, Oboe, Bassoon, and Harpsichord Voice 20:00 pdf link iTunes 
1990 Affirmations Mixed Ensemble 20:00 pdf  iTunes 
1989 Sonata for Viola and Piano Mixed Ensemble 16:00 pdf link iTunes 
1988 Contentions  Mixed Ensemble 12:30 pdf link  
1988 Tribulations Voice 12:00 pdf link YouTube video; Mary Ann Hart, mezzo-soprano; Richard Wilson, piano 
1988 Music for Solo Viola Solo Viola 11:30 pdf link  
1987 Lord Chesterfield to His Son Solo Cello 13:00 pdf link YouTube video, Larry Guy, David Krakauer 
1986 Intercalations Piano 19:00 pdf link iTunes 
1986  Symphony No. 2 Orchestra 28:00 pdf link  
1985 Fixations Piano 13:00 pdf link iTunes 
1985 Flutations Solo Flute 7:00 pdf link  
1984 A Child's London Easy Piano 6:00 pdf link  
1984 Symphony No. 1 Orchestra 26:00 pdf link YouTube 
1984 Line Drawings for Clarinet Duo  Duo 8:30 pdf link YouTube video Larry Guy, David Krakauer 
1984 Three Painters Voice 5:00 pdf link  
1983 Concerto for Bassoon and Orchestra Concerto 20:00 pdf link  
1982 Character Studes for Oboe and Piano Mixed Ensemble 8:00 pdf link  
1982 Dithyramb for Clarinet and Oboe Mixed Ensemble 5:30 pdf link YouTube video; Randall Wolfgang, oboe; Larry Guy, clarinet 
1982 String Quartet No. 3 String Quartet 22:30 pdf link YouTube video; The Attacca Quartet- Amy Schroeder and Keiko Tokunaga, violins; Nathan Schram, viola; and Andrew Yee, cello 
1981 Eleven Sumner Place Concert Band 8:00 pdf link  
1981 Gnomics for Flute, Oboe, and Clarinet Mixed Ensemble  10:30 pdf  YouTube video; Randall Bowman,flute; Laura Ahlbeck, oboe; Laura Flax, clarinet 
1981 Short Notice for Clarinet and Cello Mixed Ensemble 3:00 pdf   
1980 Profound Utterances Solo Bassoon 10:00 pdf link  
1980 A Theory for Soprano and Vibraphone Voice 6:30 pdf link  
1980 Figuration for Clarinet, Cello, and Piano Mixed Ensemble  8:00 pdf link YouTube video; Allen Blustein, clarinet; Sophie Shao, cello; Richard Wilson, piano 
1979 Sour Flowers Solo Piano 10:00  link iTunes 
1979 Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Concerto 20:00 pdf link  
1977 String Quartet No. 2 String Quartet 24:00 pdf  YouTube video; DECODA: Owen Dalby and Anna Elashvili, violins, Nathan Schram, viola, and Yves Dharamraj, cello 
1976 August 22 Mixed Choir 14:00 pdf  iTunes 
1975 The Ballad of Longwood Glen for Baritone and Harp Voice 14:00 pdf link  
1974 Wind Quintet Mixed Ensemble  20:00 pdf   
1974 Eclogue Solo Piano 12:00 pdf link  
1972 Hunter's Moon Mixed Choir 10:00 link  iTunes 
1971 Music for Solo Flute Solo Flute 7:00 pdf link  
1971 Elegy Mixed Choir 3:30 pdf  YouTube; William Appling Singers 
1970 Home From the Range Mixed Choir 8:00 pdf  iTunes 
1970 Initiation Orchestra 13:00 pdf link  
1969 Soaking Mixed Choir 5:00 pdf  iTunes 
1969 Quartet for Flute, Bass, and Harpsichord Mixed Ensemble  10:00 pdf   
1969 String Quartet No. 1 String Quartet 20:00 pdf   
1969 Soaking Mixed Choir 5:00 pdf   
1969 Music for Violin and Cello Mixed Ensemble 9:30 pdf link  
1969 The Second Law Voice 5:00 pdf   
1968, 1979 In Schrafft's Mixed Choir 8:00 pdf  iTunes 
1968 A Dissolve Women's Choir 4:40 pdf  iTunes 
1968 Light in Spring Poplars Mixed Choir  4:40 pdf  iTunes 
1968 Can Mixed Choir 4:00 pdf  iTunes 
1967 Concert Piece for Violin and Piano Mixed Ensemble 8:45 pdf link  
1965 Fantasy and Variations Mixed Ensemble 8:00 pdf link  
1964 Trio for Oboe, Violin, and Cello Mixed Ensemble  5:30 pdf link  
1963 Suite for Five Players Mixed Ensemble 10:00 pdf   
1963 Three Short Pieces for Piano Piano 3:30 pdf link iTunes 
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