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Frantz, Mary L. "Richard Wilson the solo piano works, 1974 - 1986 /." 1992.  "This document centers on Wilson's style as represented in the three major works, Eclogue (1974), Fixations (1985), and Intercalations (1986). Each of these works is discussed separately and examined analytically in Chapters Two through Four. Issues that are addressed include pitch and rhythmic organization, large structural aspects, timbral and textural features, and pianistic issues.

Program Note:

 ECLOGUE, written for the Colombian pianist Blanca Uribe, is a work in one movement that is comprised of three parts.  There is an introductory section, contrapuntal and motivic, proceeding on a high level of energy and intensity.  This is followed by a much more drawn-out, atmospheric kind of music, in which thematic material--chords and a brief melodic figure--is projected against different sorts of trills.  This thematic material becomes the basis for a succession of connected, textural variations, which build in dynamics to a highpoint, after which quiet, muted sounds become the basis of a variation.  The final section is a refection on what has come before.

 In general, I was trying to make my ECLOGUE a celebration of the traditional resources of the piano, both the kinds of sounds it is capable of producing and the variety of styles of playing that its vast literature reveals.

First performed December, 1974 at Vassar College by Blanca Uribe.

Recorded on CRI SD-437 by Blanca Uribe.  Published by Boosey and Hawkes.

 In February, 1976, ECLOGUE was selected as one of the winners of the International Piano Music Competition sponsored by the League of Composers--International Society for Contemporary Music (U.S. Section).

 In October, 1978, ECLOGUE was named the winner of the Burge-Eastman Prize.