Eclogue Reviews

From January 1979

and from Contemporary Keyboard 1979 "Best Pieces of the '70s

The least known pianistic miracle of the decade. Wilson has an unerring ear for the right sound and a fabulous command of the instrument. If there must be "standard repertoire," Eclogue should be part of it. Very difficult, very beautiful.

David Burge Contemporary Keyboard 1979 "Best Pieces of the '70s

The highlight of the program was Richard Wilson's ''Eclogue'' (1974), a work written for and recorded by Miss Uribe. This is a neo-Lisztian tour-de-force for solo piano - large-scaled and rhapsodic, yet subtly constructed and closely argued. It requires remarkable virtuosity from the pianist: one particularly impressive section calls for the incessant harsh hammering of a single note at breakneck speed, while the remaining fingers continue to play gently and smoothly, constantly shifting the context around the angry insistance. ''Eclogue'' kept the listeners' rapt attention, and Miss Uribe was rewarded with a sustained round of applause at the work's end.

NY Times, Nov 3, 1982

Tim Page