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Chess Kidz - a scholastic chess teaching program in Reno
Clark County Chess in Las Vegas
Schoolhouse Chess Center in Las Vegas
Sacramento Chess Club
Stockton Chess Club
San Mateo-Burlingame Chess Club
Mechanics' Institute Chess Club in San Francisco
Idaho Chess Association
Portland Chess Club
Colorado Chess Informant

Chess Self-Improvement/Computer Resources - More chess lecture videos - Opening theory in an electronic subscription format
Chess Cafe Archives - tons of chess history, self-improvement, opening theory, book reviews, etc.
Exeter Chess Club - chess learning and coaching advice.
NM Dan Heisman's chess instruction
Brian Gosling's Practical Chess Endgames - Complicated endgame struggles
Ossimitz's game files to follow chess books (study your books with a computer instead of a chessboard!)
Gambit Chess game files to follow chess books (study your books with a computer instead of a chessboard!)
Free Internet Chess Server
Chessopolis - University of Pittsburgh PGN Files
ChessBase Light - my recommendation for recording your games and analysis and it's FREE! - the source of the applet used to display our Game Archive.
Shredder Endgame Tablebase - Virtually complete 3- to 6-man endgames.
Lokasoft Endgame Tablebases - Perfect play for 3-, 4-, and 5-man endgames.
Online Chess Lessons at YouTube

News and Articles

ChessBase - The best chess database around. The website also has chess news.
The Week In Chess - international chess news and grandmaster games. About 50,000 games per year are posted here!
GM Nigel Davies' site
About Chess
A.J.Goldsby - deeply annotated classic and new GM games
Tim Krabbe's Chess Curiosities - Chess records, studies, and amusing anecdotes

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