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12 Aug 2022.  New from Jeanette Kennedy (Thanks Jeanette)

Proof of the names of the children of Nimrod Taylor [#22627], along with the startling news that their mother was named Phoebe (no last name given).  A copy of that court record is now documented on the new blog.

8 May 2020.  New from Katt Rambo  (THANKS Katt)

Proof that Elias Rambo [XXXXM] was a son of Jacob [31C6] is documented on a new blog, therambofamilytree.blogspot.com (click here)

Additional items include a letter written by the trustees of Gloria Dei to Lawrence Rambo [31C] which relates that Daniel Jones is his brother-in-law, thereby moving information about Ann Rambo [334] to Ann Rambo [315].

And an affirmation that tax records in Wilkes County, Georgia reveal only one adult Jacob Bankston there prior to 1795.

More posts will be added to this new blog as I acquire 'Round-Tuits.

16 Aug 2014.  New from Sweden:

In Göteborg the archivist at Riksarkiv, named Per, told us that Per is an old Swedish name that was sometimes written Peter or Peder by the Catholic priests.  Similarly Gunne was an older name that was transformed into Gunnar, so our ancestor, Peter Gunnarsson Rambo was known in Sweden as Per, son of Gunne.  Also, there are records of the surname Ramberg as early as 1691.  Before too long, another page will be added showing results of our search in Gothenburg. 

One unbound copy of Volume 3, Gertrude Bankson's descendants, and one of Volume 5, Rambos descended from the younger children and Rambos of unknown ancestry, are available to any interested cousin(s) or library, but the copies are in Illinois, and we plan to return to Illinois every November.

This site contains all known deceased descendants of Peter Gunnarson Rambo. 

My policy is to respect the privacy of living people by listing NO names of living people on this web site, including anyone born after 1920

Dear cousins,  I am again updating the Rambo books, starting with Volume 3 about the Banksons,

so please do send information and corrections.  Thanks.

    You can download the most recent complete Rambo genealogy as a single download: RamboTextWithoutEndnotes.

(You can copy or cut and paste from this ASCII file, RamboTextWithoutEndnotes.)

Or you can download the similar ASCII file with confusing endnotes: RamboTextWithEndnotes.

The ASCII Rambo book files on the web include verbatim transcriptions of all wills prior to 1825 of all Rambo descendants in

Philadelphia Co., PA.; Gloucester Co., NJ; and Salem Co., NJ. 

NEW 18 October 2013 updates.

Or you can download read-only versions of the five Rambo Family Tree volumes, 1st web edition October 2013,

including extensive families named Bankson, Holstein, North, Cramer, Mattson, Hendricks, DuPuy, Priest, and Hendrickson

with additional notes and details not in the printed version.

(Read-only means that you cannot copy & paste from these files)

Each download is at least a 6 Megabyte read-only PDF file last updated in October of 2013. 

The files are attached at the bottom of this page with the following names and contents:

Rambo Vol 1 - Sep 2013.pdf  contains descendants of Gunnar's son John & daughter Brigitta

Rambo Vol 2 - Sep 2013.pdf  contains descendants of Gunnar's other children: Peter, Gunnar, Anders, Mons, Gabriel, Matthias, and Elias.

Rambo Vol 3 - Sep 2013.pdf  contains descendants of Gertrude's Bankson children

Rambo Vol 4 - Sep 2013.pdf contains descendants Peter's children

Rambo Vol 5 - Sep 2013.pdf  contains descendants of the other children and Rambos of unknown ancestry.


available from AuthorHouse @ $25 each (plus shipping).


NEW 18 October 2013 update.

The five Rambo volumes are now indexed on separate web pages: Index for Volume 1 of the Rambo Family Tree, 

Index for Volume 2 of the Rambo Family Tree,

Index for Volume 3 of the Rambo Family Tree,

Index for Volume 4 of the Rambo Family Tree, 

Index for Volume 5 of the Rambo Family Tree.

This page has been "de-cluttered" by moving much verbage onto linked pages for rumors, scandals, cousins, "missing" Rambo connections, corrections, other Rambo websites, libraries, where to find Rambo books, genealogical proof, Rambo archives (CD backups, primary & secondary sources), and the Rambo Family Tree purchasing information. 

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All Rambo descendants are encouraged to join the Swedish Colonial Society. Their quarterly newsletter is a real treat and often discusses Rambo ancestors. If you decide to discard your copy, consider donating it to the genealogical collection of your choice. The Swedish Colonial Society web site contains several previous issues of the newsletter and a biography of forefather Peter Gunnarson Rambo written by Dr. Peter Stebbins Craig, the most eminent New Sweden historian.  Sadly, Peter passed away in 2009.

Similarly Peter Craig's book, The 1693 Census of Swedes on the Delaware, is very interesting for Rambo descendants and provides an excellent example of thorough documentation.  The 1693 Census is available for $40 and The 1671 Census of the Delaware is available for $25 from the Swedish Colonial Society.  Newer publications include the Colonial Gloria Dei records in five volumes.

Cramer descendants please note that Ora Flaningam has published his book and CD.  I am very pleased with my copy.  The CD has tons of transcriptions of original information. E-mail OraFlan@aol.com

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It is also very important to talk to your oldest relatives and their neighbors -- NOW.

Always be skeptical. Books and websites contain many, many bad GUESSes.

Your genealogy is only a guess until you've found proof in original (handwritten) documents.

Cite Your Sources when you share information.

If you don't confirm your information with primary sources,

You can waste a lot of time and money tracking the wrong people, someone else's ancestors.

If you have no sources, you might as well make up a fiction. (I was guilty of neglecting source citations for years.) 

Source citations for this website appear in the file ENDNOTES.TXT.(574),, i.e. endnote #574)

New 10 Dec 2010:   Work on the CD is resumed and is progressing nicely after a wonderful year of traveling & motorcycling.  New text files will be available here after the CD is finished.

Are you aware of the Southern Bankston research collaboration with spreadsheet and a few document photos, but no participation.

Google is incredible and gives its users free web space for pictures.

Click here to see Harry Long's plat maps of Rockingham County, Virginia (more to come), an index into those maps (rude and crude for now), and a blog or two.  Click here to see genealogy research notes in a Google document. (note to self: Virginia and North Carolina are missing.) Later I'll add "how to" pages for genealogy beginners; "hints & tips" for experts; and jpegs of original documents. If you know of any such pages already on the internet, please send me the URLs. Beverly Nelson Rambo published the Rambo Family Tree in 1986 and died of cancer in 1990. She trusted her sister, as her executor, to conserve her Rambo information, but the trust was betrayed, and Beverly's Rambo materials were destroyed . If you care about the disposition of your genealogical materials, PROVIDE FOR THEM IN YOUR WILL.

At Beverly's request I am continuing her work with the help of Peter Craig and hundreds of Rambo descendants.

Click here for an address and guidelines .  Photocopies of genealogical proofs will be very much appreciated.  Before you send me your early Rambo genealogy information, please check that you have none of the names listed on the "Rumors that Refuse to Die" page.

Several people expressed interest in seeing more pictures in the book. I have ignored pictures until now as my interest is in names and biographies. Since the book is being published in several volumes and since each volume will be printed, bound, and mailed individually when each order is received, there is no reason that I cannot publish a volume of Rambo pictures. I will take a "vacation" from the Rambo genealogy for a couple of years, but will start asking for pictures as soon as I resume work for the 3rd edition.

About ten cousins have asked to have an e-mail address posted on the cousins page or in the ENDNOTES.TXT file. There are also links to other Rambo web pages.

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I do apologize to all those cousins who wait and wonder if I'll ever respond. I often neglect my e-mail, sometimes for several months. -- cousin Ron Beatty

If you use MSN to do a search for "Rambo Family Tree", you will find a very good site by David A. Rambo on familytreemaker.com.

Always be skeptical of published materials including Beverly's and mine. Anything published contains errors and often contains speculation which is masqueraded as fact. Until you have seen proof in "original, handwritten documents" (such as wills, deeds, court records, family bibles, or the like), all you have is hearsay, one step removed from rumors and speculation.

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