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Hïfor will be joining the tour.
Hïfor's papers will list her name as Hïfor Uulinwölmet or Heather Wilson (her English-speaking Kelvian alias, take your pick, or make either one sound more Meduzían ). She lost her tail in a horrific accident 3 years ago, and has been posing as a Kelvian human ever since (and will pose as such on the trip)

Hïfor is tall for a Yawurenyi, being about 4'5"tall. She is exceedingly fair (and will sunburn easily), with black hair and bright blue eyes (looking closely you will see the whites of her eyes look bluish, that's just the medication to make her non-blue). She wears a modest brown dresses in a cotton-like fabric (ankle length and elbow length, though she has a way to tuck it up to knee or mid-calf length should she need to), generally with a red or light brown thin linen shawl over her shoulders and a leather belt and pouch around her waist. If her contacts said gloves were permitted, she has matching brown gloves as well, otherwise expect the shawl to drape over her hands if she is cold. She also wears soft leather shoes. Unless it is extremely cold (like below 32F) she will probably be comfortable as is, but she has brought warmer clothes in case.

Hïfor was a foundling raised in a Kelvian village until she was 3 months old (human: 6 months) and considered old enough to be taken across the border. As such she has a slightly better grasp of stops and other "harsh sounds" than most Yawurenyi (they would say Mensusian, she says Mendusian). . She speaks Yawurenyi, English, and the Kelvian lingua franca; is passable at Descubralían (related to Spanish); and knows some Meduzían from a book she got before the voyage. Incidentally, Menduzían is pretty much the only language she can read (literacy rates among Yawu women are low, she made a special effort for the trip) and she may purchase storybooks in Menduzían for the trip, or merely write notes in a language she knows in Menduzían writing while on long journeys.
Expect her to be amazed and even a little scared by big noisy machinery of any sort, she is from a late-bronze/early-iron-age culture, and has some experience with the small quiet Descubralían technology. This is also her first time on a boat the size we arrived on.
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