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RPG Names / Loan Words

If these differ from the other thread where IPA is used, the other thread is right.
Ec'aleak /E.q_>a.le.ak/ (apostrophe used because I haven't really settled on a romanization for Mircon yet)
Ekisif'e /E.kis.i.f_>e/ - mangled descubralian for the letters x i v, as she doesn't know the English letter names. Smile
Fanfanyu /fan.fan.ju/
Kaclu /kaq.lu/
Loren Arnes /lo.ren ar.nes/
Meshaak /me.Sa.ak/
Mircon /mi_rr.q_>on/
Yes /jes/

nanobots /na.no.p_>ots/
sor-sel-ik k'e-lif /sor.sel.ik k_>e.lif/ - sorcelic glyph
mashek /ma.SEk/ - magic
Albeid = Alp'eit /al.pE.it/... Albrecht is Alp'eceit /al.p_>E_r.qE.it/ if that /R\/ is what I think it is ... St. Clare = Sankla /sank.la/

More Ecaleakization of names!
Kweblikoko Minototo Viblibee /ku.ep_>.li.ko.ko mi.no.to.to f_>ip_>.li.../ the last syllable is /p_>e/ or /p_>i/ depending on if the vowel is closer to /e:/ or /i:/ Spelling Kuep'likoko Minototo F'ip'li- -p'e/-p'i
Barry /p_>a.ri/ P'ari
Ranshalya Hasukami Hauyentapa /ran.shal.ja ha.su.ka.mi ja.u.jen.ta.pa/ (when he arrives I'll give her version of the real pronunciation)


Meshaak /mE.S@.ak/
Meshaak surveyed the others as they gathered. There were the furred gray ones: the brothers Tua and Tara who looked identical but it was hard to tell. They looked a lot like horned otters. Also there was the woman with the brownish-gray skin, Saima, who might instead be a strange sort of Yawurenyi. There was also a human, Tsasho Kal-sha, who must be some sort of person of rank, having two names like that! Like most humans he had a long unpronounceable name, and seemed bewildered. Last, not that the others were in any kind of order, was Ek-shana, a Quanafi-pale human of obvious rank, dressed in a white wrap that seemed terribly impractical for traveling. This one acts an awful lot like the Desku do, but she looks nothing like them. I sure hope Desku-ism isn't common to the human species as a whole!
*Avi dí lí Paraísi Pekeniu = Ave del Paraíso pequeña = Lesser bird of paradise
*Pilu = battery, unlike Hifor she knows piluz is plural.
Tua /tu.a/ she knows the /h/ is there but has trouble with it so she says /x/ or nothing.
Tara /ta.ra/
Kaclu /kaq.lu/
Pernafi = human in Quanafi, it's a lot more polite than the Mircon word which is Reke-upratem(land sharks) [per is from personu and nafi means sentient, the kaglu would be kagalunafi to a Quanafi]
-Nu: -nyu is home or country in Quanafi, a backformation from Mircon Fanfanu (Q: Vanafanyu) the planet they come from, nu (nyu) has come to denote planets in Mircon (Quanafi)
ospetal = hospital
euheneshu (eugenics)
Mesha's pronunciation [of zukish numbers] (note she would try to make them more distinct...I forgot to tell you, Mircon has ejectives Smile (technically it's /mi̝r.qʼon/ not /mir.qon/), though she tends not to replace voicing with them unless she has to. Respelled how she would.
Zero Da /tʼa/
One Di /tʼi/
Two Du /tʼu/
Three Tu /tu/
Four Tum /tum/
Five Tin /tin/
Six Taini /ta.ini/ or /ta.ni/
Seven Taime/ta.imɛ/ or /ta.mɛ/
Eight Limi /li.mi/
Nine Laimen /la.imɛn/ or /la.mɛn/
Ten Lemen /lɛ.mɛn/
Ebba and eppa /ɛpʼ.pa/ and /ɛp.pa/
Ghe and ke /qɛː/ or /gɛː/ and /kɛ/

Some Mircon and Quanafi words
Melre=higher animal (birds, mammals, etc.)
Eska = sentient being
Melreska = living being that is a bird or mammal (etc.) that may or may not be sentient (and I don't want to cause offense)
...note that all of our characters are melreska, the shef'inowa would be temeska (plesiosaurs being a type of tem, along with fish), and Hadal Mircon are f'ehat-eska (f'ehat being higher invertebrates, sponges and corals are f'ehal).
pitsa = pizza, sota = soda/pop, chip = chips, canti-bar = candy bar, bir = beer -- the dinner of champions!
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