These are the webcomics I follow. Vote for the ones that are on TWC!

 Disclaimer: I recommend these comics only as ones I like. Many espouse ideas I am directly opposed to. If you have a problem with the comics I read, don't read them!

 Most are pretty tame, a few are all-ages, and a few are rather NSFW. They are coded as follows:

  • All Ages - Probably safe to read with children present
  • SFW - Wouldn't show it to kids myself, but your boss won't freak out
  • Tame - Same as "SFW" but might get some eyebrows raised
  • Questionable - I wouldn't read it at work, but it probably won't offend delicate sensibilities. If it does, you need to reinforce your sensibilities.
  • Borderline - Don't read it at work, or in public. Delicate sensibilities need not apply. Once in a while these comics put up a page that even I click away from rapidly.
  • If there were a higher category I wouldn’t read it.

Other codes:

  • NSFW - Comics that whatever their rating have at times put something up that would definitely get most people in trouble at work. Yes, I mark comics as this that most people wouldn't.
  • Furry - Warning: Contains Anthropomorphic Animals! (used in the most general sense - if it talks and has fur I tag it as this so all you people who find talking animals or aliens weird can stay away.
  • RPG - Contains roleplaying games or references to them. If that bothers you, we may need to have a talk. If that confuses you, we need to have a different talk, to make the in-jokes make sense.


You must read these comics now. Better yet, have read them already.

·        Digger Tame. YOU MUST READ THIS COMIC!!! Wombats, dead gods, epic epicness. Read it now. Just finished as of this writing.  

·        A Miracle of Science Tame (iirc). Sentient planets with their inhabitants linked in. Mad Science as a disease. Starry hair. Commandeering motorcycles the legal way. Win.



·        20 Galaxies – Tame, still trying to figure out what it’s about.

·        Agents of Yu-Shan – RPG (Exalted, probably 2e), Tame-Questionable, has a Lunar (shapeshifter).  Obejective: figure out what outside-of-fate force is messing with the Council and barring non-essence users. Fix. Preferably with the most amount of amusing the Chosen of Battles. Very much like Keychain of Creation.

·        Alien Dice – Tame-Questionable, furry (in a sense), fantasy comic that can get pretty dark in parts, but is overall pretty non-dark. Telling you what it’s about would be massive spoilers.

·        Count Your Sheep  - All Ages-SFW. Calm, relaxing, and very much real life, aside from the whole seeing the imaginary sheep deal.

·        DMFA - Dan and Mab's Furry Adventure  - Furry, Tame (tries pretty hard not to be Questionable).  Tends to run the plot-genre gamut, but the setting is very fantasy. Yarn ball pits! Amazons! ‘Cubi! Terrifying Inn-Owners! Fae!

·        Dragon City – Questionable. Talking dragons. Some adult themes and innuendo.

·        Earthsong – Tame-SFW. Planet-spirit, superpowered people, magic swords, and an evil planet-spirit-with-super-lackeys. What more could you want?! And she’s lavender!

·       El Goonish Shive – Tame (rarely Questionable), slightly furry, much gender-bending. If none of that bothers you, definitely worth a read. Very early comics are meh, just plod through them ‘til the action starts.

·        Evil Diva – Tame. A little devil girl who wants to be good and decides to become a superhero.  Vote incentives are sometimes borderline.

·        Freefall – Tame, Furry. Sci-Fi. Sentient AI wolf, aliens who value larceny, robots, humans, what more could you want?

·        Girl Genius – Tame (I’ll say occasionally Questionable because I can’t remember ever page). Steampunk to the max. Made of win.

·        Inhuman NSFW only because of how dark it is. Borderline. Many readers call it Furry. Technically it isn’t (they are aliens!). May I remind you that it’s dark?

·        Kevin and Kell – Tame, Furry. Wolf and Rabbit marry, all sorts of things ensue. Long-running and pretty notable.

·        Keychain of Creation – Tame-Questionable, RPG (Exalted 2e), I refuse to count a lone Lunar as “furry.” Some pages make sense regardless of RPG knowledge, others don’t (but the author explains the more confusing ones in the comments, and it’s a decent way to learn the world). Objective – find the keys and keep the evil-sealed-in-a-can from being unsealed… oh and get Secret strong enough to say her title.

·        MS Paint Adventures – Questionable (violence & doom mostly). I can’t explain it other than it reads like a text adventure game output. You must read it or John will be doomed!

·        Order of the Stick RPG (D&D 3/3.5e I think), Tame (but some decidedly evil fantasy evil, including a protagonist). Updates infrequently but is worth it.

·        Prelude  -- All-Ages-SFW, Furry. The “when they were kids” prologue to a comic that costs money. Pretty amusing-antics stuff. Sparkles.

·        Project Future NSFW Questionable-Borderline, Furry.  A much darker spinoff of DMFA.

·        PS238 – All Ages-SFW. Child-superheroes at school! Suitably Epic.

·        Safe Havens – SFW-Tame. Still not sure what this is about and apparently you have to start at page 5.

·        Sailor Ranko Tame –Questionable, Sailor Moon/Ranma Fanfiction (i.e. includes gender/species transformations and the chaos that usually ensues). Was on hiatus but seems to be back, I hope!

·        Scandinavia and the World NSFW Ranges from Tame straight through Borderline. Personified countries (and all the shipping that entails). Very much like Axis Powers Hetalia, but Scandanavia-centered. Hilarious.  In case the NSFW tag slipped past you – randomly a page will run straight past Borderline into “click-next-page-now-or-perish” (mostly in the near-nudity/innuendo department). I think this is more differing cultural standards on such things.

·        Sea of Insanity – Rating unknown, I just rediscovered it in my “hiatus” list, but it’s back! *joy* Greek gods living in the modern world with normal people, IIRC.

·        Sister Claire – Tame (maybe Questionablish?). A nun finds out she’s pregnant and (with help from an angel-from-the-toilet, a cat, and some bubbles) has to save the world and her friend who has been possessed by an evil cat. If it’s already sounding horribly heretical, you probably shouldn’t read it.

·        The Challenges of Zona NSFW, Borderline. If near-nudity, violence, and very different courtship practices (if you get my drift) offend you, do not even look at the title.  If classic rock as magic spellcasting intrigues you, read it oh so much.

·        The Dragon Doctors – Tame-Questionable. Doctors that cure all sorts of weird magical diseases, and occasionally get caught up in problems much bigger than medicine.

·        The Dreamland Chronicles – All Ages. If you like fantasy you’ll like this. If you don’t? Read it anyhow. Epic hero-vs-dragon story. Has elves and fairies and the lot. 

·        TwoKinds  -- Questionable-Tame. Furry. Super-human-who-has-genocided-furries has amnesia, meets furry. Plot Ensues.

·        Unshelved – SFW (except maybe the cleverly obscured library-nudist). Takes place in a library, and is totally awesome!

·        Weregeek – RPG, I seem to recall it as being Tame, but I may be mistaken.



·        Angel of St. Thomas/Celeste the Pirate The first before it fizzled was SFW-All Ages, Celeste is much darker, and is Questionable. They sort of have merged into one somehow, but it hasn’t updated in a while.

·        Muse Academy – Tame. Mortal at a school for immortals, run by the muses.

·        The Wotch – Tame-Questionable. Genderbending, weres, blatant disregard for common sense in use of magic one does not understand.