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Point Of Order Parliamentary Law Unit



The name of this unit shall be Point Of Order Parliamentary Law Unit of Seattle, WA (referred to hereafter as Point Of Order PLU), a division of the National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP) and affiliated with The Washington State Association of Parliamentarians (referred to hereinafter as NAP and WSAP, respectively).


The object of the Point Of Order PLU, a nonprofit organization, shall be to regularly study parliamentary procedure and to promote the educational programs of NAP and WSAP on the local level. Individual members shall adhere to the ethics of NAP and will be encouraged to study for registration. Provisional members shall be encouraged to pass the NAP membership test.


Section 1. Classification. There shall be three classes of membership:

A. Primary Members. Primary members of the unit are NAP members who are deemed primary members by NAP. [See NAP Bylaw IV.8.A.1.]

B. Affiliate Members. Affiliate members of the unit are NAP members who are not primary members of the unit. [See NAP Bylaw IV.8.A.2.]

C. Provisional Members. 

Provisionals are individuals who are preparing for NAP membership. Provisionals are not NAP members and are not counted for the purpose of determining the number of delegates to which the unit is entitled at NAP conventions.

Provisional members shall have full membership rights except:

a. They shall not be eligible for the office of president or vice president; and 

b. They shall not be counted in determining representation to NAP meetings.

Section 2. Eligibility 

A. Any member of NAP is eligible for membership in Point Of Order PLU and shall become a member upon payment of unit dues. 

B. Any individual preparing for NAP membership is eligible for provisional membership in this unit and shall become a provisional upon payment of unit provisional dues.


Section 1. Dues 

A. Annual dues shall be $10.00 for all classifications/categories.

B. NAP and WSAP dues are payable directly to NAP. 

C. Dues are payable by January 1. Membership shall be delinquent if dues are not paid by February 1 and forfeited if not paid by March 1. A late fee of $5.00 shall be assessed on February 1 if dues are not paid to the unit treasurer. 

D. New members joining on or after August 1, shall be eligible to pay half-year unit dues; renewable January 1 of the following year.

E. The membership year shall be from January 1 through December 31.

Section 2. Resignation 

Regular and affiliate members may resign by notifying Point Of Order PLU and WSAP presidents in writing.

Section 3. Budget 

A proposed budget shall be submitted by the treasurer at the November meeting.

Section 4. Fiscal Year 

The fiscal year of the unit is December 1 through November 30.  [See NAP Bylaws IV.5.C.4 and XIV.3.]

Section 5. Non Profit

No part of the net earnings shall inure to the benefit of members or officers.


Section 1. Officers 

The officers of this unit shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer. The office of secretary and treasurer may be combined.

Section 2. Term of Office 

Officers shall assume their duties at the close of the WSAP annual meeting or at the close of the meeting at which they are elected, whichever is later. Officers shall serve for a term of one (1) year or until their successors assume office. 

Section 3. Vacancy in Office 

A. In the event of death, resignation, or incapacity of the president, the vice president, if eligible, shall become president for the unexpired portion of the term. 

B. A vacancy in any office except president shall be filled by the membership.

Section 4. Duties 

Officers shall perform the duties provided in this section and such other duties as are prescribed for the office in these bylaws and in the adopted parliamentary authority.

A. The president shall:

1. preside at all meetings of the unit and the board of directors; 

2. appoint a parliamentarian; 

3. appoint chairmen of committees to the extent provided in Article VIII; 

4. fulfill such other duties as may be assigned by the unit or the board of directors. 

B. The vice-president shall: 

1. perform the duties of the president in the absence of or at the request of the president; 

2. fulfill such other duties as may be assigned by the unit, the board of directors, or the president. 

C. The secretary shall: 

1. record the minutes of the unit and the board of directors; 

2. be the custodian of all documents including unit, association, and NAP bylaws, special rules of order, and standing rules; 

3. conduct correspondence as directed by the unit, the board of directors or the president; 

4. fulfill such other duties as may be assigned by the unit, the board of directors, or the president.

D. The treasurer shall:

1. be custodian of all funds, disbursing them as directed by the unit;

2. a signatory on all financial institution accounts;

3. present a financial statement at each unit meeting and as requested by the board of directors;

4. submit all financial records to the audit committee within thirty days after the close of the fiscal year, and within thirty days after leaving office;

5. send a dues statement to each member prior to the November meeting;

6. send dues delinquency notices to members by February 10 of each year;

7. fulfill such other duties as may be assigned by the unit, the board of directors, or the president.

Section 5. Nominations 

A Nominating Committee of three members shall: 

A. Be elected by ballot at the November meeting except when there are no more than three nominees in which case they may be elected by voice vote. The chairman shall be selected by the committee. 

B. At the February meeting, present a slate of at least one individual for each office, provided consent has been obtained from each nominee.

Section 6. Elections 

A. The officers shall be elected at the March meeting. 

B. Additional nominees for officers of Point Of Order PLU may be made from the floor at the February and March meetings. 

C. Elections of officers shall be by ballot for any office with more than one nominee.


Section 1. Regular 

Regular meetings of Point Of Order PLU shall be held monthly on the fourth Saturday, except in the months of June, July, and December, unless otherwise ordered by a majority vote of the membership or by a 2/3rd vote of the board.

Section 2. Annual 

The regular meeting in March shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, electing the representative to the WSAP board of directors, receiving reports of officers and committees, and for any other business that may arise.

Section 3. Special 

Special meetings may be called by the president and shall be called at the written request of three members of the unit. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call and at least five days written notice prior to the meeting date shall be given.

Section 4. Quorum 

Three members of Point Of Order PLU shall constitute a quorum. The lack of a quorum shall not prevent the study of the scheduled parliamentary lesson.

Section 5. Electronic Meetings

When authorized by the president or a majority of the board of directors, the membership may meet by videoconference, teleconference, or similar technology, provided that all participants are able to hear each other at the same time.


Section 1. Composition 

The board of directors shall be composed of the officers. The parliamentarian shall serve as a non-voting member of the board of directors.

Section 2. Duties 

The board of directors shall be subject to the orders of the unit and none of its acts shall conflict with action taken by the unit. The board of directors shall: 

A. have general supervision of the affairs of the unit between meetings; 

B. make recommendations to the unit; 

C. perform such other duties as are specified in these bylaws. 

Section 3. Meetings 

A. Special meetings may be called by the president and shall be called upon the written request of three (3) members of the board of directors. At least five (5) days written notice shall be given of the meeting, but the board may meet without notice at any unit meeting.

B. A majority of the members of the board of directors shall constitute a quorum.

C. Electronic Meetings. When authorized by the president or a majority of the board of directors, the board of directors may meet by videoconference, teleconference, or similar technology, provided that all participants are able to hear each other at the same time.


Section 1. Standing Committees 

Standing Committees shall be Education, Membership and Bylaws.

Section 2. Composition 

A. The Bylaws Committee shall be composed of three or more members.

B. Chairmen and members of all standing committees shall be nominated by the president and confirmed by the members at the first meeting of the president's term, except the vice president shall be the chairman of the education committee.

C. The president shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.

Section 3. Duties 

A. The Education Committee shall develop and coordinate educational programs for the unit, including informing members of NAP educational materials. 

B. The Membership Committee shall promote the recruitment and retention of unit members. 

C. The Bylaws Committee shall recommend any bylaws changes required by NAP or WSAP and shall propose to the membership any other amendments to bylaws, special rules of order or standing rules they deem appropriate.

Section 4. Other Committees

A. The Audit Committee shall be composed of at least two members elected at the November meeting, and shall conduct an audit of all unit financial accounts at the conclusion of each fiscal year and upon any change in treasurers. Each report will cover the period from the end of the most recently audited period to the end of the period to be covered by the current audit. The committee shall complete the audit within six weeks from receipt of the audit files and shall report to the unit at the next meeting. The treasurer in office for the period audited shall assist with and meet with the committee as desired by the committee, but shall not be a member.

B. The Nominating Committee shall serve from the November meeting through the March meeting in accordance with Article V, Section 5.

C. Such other committees, standing or special, shall be created as the unit shall from time to time deem necessary to carry on the work of Point Of Order PLU. The chairmen and members of any special committees shall be appointed by the president, except that in the absence of the president the unit may appoint the chairman and members of a special committee, who shall be treated as though appointed by the president.

Section 5. Electronic Meetings

When authorized by the chairman, a committee may meet by videoconference, teleconference, or similar technology, provided that all participants are able to hear each other at the same time.


Section 1. NAP Convention 

A. Delegate representation is based on the primary membership of the unit as of March 1 of the convention year as follows: 

B. The unit shall elect its delegates and alternates at the May meeting.

C. Election shall be by ballot if there are more nominees than positions.

D. Any NAP member may serve as a delegate or alternate to which this unit is entitled. 

E. The president or his designee may fill any vacancies by appointment, including an incomplete election.

Section 2. WSAP Board Meeting

The unit shall elect a representative to the WSAP board of directors at the annual meeting. The election shall be by ballot if there is more than one nominee. The unit's representative shall serve for a term of one year or until his successor is elected, and the term of office begins at the close of the WSAP annual meeting.


Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.  The Point Of Order charter shall be returned to NAP headquarters.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with Point Of Order PLU bylaws, NAP bylaws, WSAP bylaws and standing rules, or any special rules of order which Point Of Order PLU may adopt.


These bylaws may be amended at any regular meeting of Point Of Order PLU by a two-thirds vote, provided that the amendment has been submitted in writing at the previous regular meeting, or has been sent to each member at least ten days prior to the meeting at which it will be considered.  These bylaws may also be amended by a 4/5 vote if no previous notice has been given.

Adopted July 26, 2003

NAP required amendments August 5, 2003

Mike Healy President Pro Tem

Bobbie Healy Secretary Pro Tem

Amended November 23, 2003; August 21, 2004; January 28, 2006; June 2, 2007; August 25, 2007; March 28, 2009; November 21, 2009; January 22, 2011; April 23, 2011; March 23, 2013; May 4, 2013; January 24, 2015; May 28, 2016; October 28, 2017; October 24, 2020; August 28, 2021; February 25, 2023; April 22, 2023; May 27, 2023.


Special Rules of Order

1. The parliamentarian, if a member, shall retain full membership rights, including making motions and debating. (May 22, 2004)

2. In a meeting of the unit when there are twelve or fewer members present and everyone can clearly see one another:

3. Previous notice for a motion may be given by any member by email, text message, or US mail to all members seven (7) days before a regular meeting, except that the number of days if specified elsewhere in the rules shall govern in those cases. (October 24, 2020)

4. The minutes shall include the names of all attendees. (August 25, 2012 as standing rule; March 20, 2021)

5. The minutes shall include the educational program's topic, presenter's name and duration. (August 25, 2012 as standing rule; March 20, 2021)

Special Rules of Order for Meetings using

1. Members and guests will sign into the meeting using a name clearly identifying the person, if possible. If the person is unable to do so, they may be ordered to provide their name in the meeting chat. Those failing to do so may be barred or ejected from the meeting.

2. Each member is responsible for his or her connection to the electronic meeting; no action will be invalidated on the grounds that the loss of, or poor quality of, a member’s individual connection prevented him or her from participating in the meeting, provided that at least a quorum of members was connected and adequately able to participate.

3. The chair may cause or direct the temporary disconnection or muting of a member’s connection if it is causing undue interference with the electronic meeting. The chair’s decision to do so, which is subject to an undebatable appeal that can be made by any member, will be announced during the meeting and be recorded in the minutes.

4. Recognition.

(a) To seek recognition by the chair, a member will cause his or her hand icon to be raised. Upon recognition of a member, the chair will cause the lowering of all “raise hand” icons.

(b) Another member who claims preference in recognition will promptly raise (or raise again) his or her hand icon, and the chair will recognize the member for the limited purpose of determining whether that member is entitled to preference in recognition. If the chair fails to recognize the member, he or she may get the attention of the chair audibly.

(c) A member who intends to make a motion that may interrupt a speaker will cause the member’s “No” icon (red-filled circle with an “X”) to be raised. If necessary, the member may interrupt audibly.

5. Chat Window.

(a) The use of the meeting chat designated for everyone will be restricted during the meeting to purposes authorized by these rules, the chair, or the assembly.

(b) A member intending to make a main motion, amendment, or offer a nomination, and any other motion as directed by the chair, will, before or after being recognized, post such motion in writing to the chat designated for everyone.

6. Voting.

(a) Unless otherwise ordered by the assembly, votes not requiring a ballot vote will be taken using the “Yes” and “No” icons in the participants window, and will be treated as a counted voted.

(b) A ballot vote will be taken as ordered by the presiding officer or the assembly.

(Zoom Rules adopted Oct. 24, 2020)

Standing Rules

1. The president shall

2. The vice president shall arrange for meeting locations as directed by the president, board, and unit. (Oct. 24, 2020)

3. The secretary shall distribute copies of the minutes of each meeting to all members. Electronic transmission (email) is acceptable with permission of the member. (July 26, 2003)  Emailed minutes and drafts shall include in the body of the minutes or as attachments all financial information reported or adopted at meetings needed for an audit, such as budgets, separate spending authorizations, new and non-renewed memberships, donations and treasurer reports. (Jan. 28, 2017)

4. A treasurer's report shall be presented at each regular meeting, which shall include the opening balance, income, expenditures, and closing balance, to be included in the minutes of the meeting. (July 26, 2003; Oct. 28, 2017; Feb. 25, 2023) 

5. Unit funds shall be kept in a financial institution. (May 28, 2011)

6. Unless otherwise ordered by the unit or board, meetings shall be held at the NewHolly Branch of the Seattle Public Library in February, May, August and November, and all meetings shall allow attendance by Zoom. (May 22, 2004; April 22, 2006; April 27, 2019; Sept. 24, 2022; Oct. 28, 2023)

7. Meetings shall begin at 10:15 a.m. unless otherwise ordered by the unit or board. (May 4, 2013; May 22, 2021; March 23, 2024)

8. Youth Groups: There shall be a youth committee to mentor any youth groups at area schools. (February 26, 2011)

9. Members shall be reimbursed at 10 cents per page without receipt for printing used by the unit. (November 16, 2013)

Calendar Established by Bylaws

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