The Polish Jules Verne Society

skr. poczt. 10, 02-792 Warszawa 78, Poland,

The Polish Jules Verne Society was established in 2000.

The society assembles those who are interested in Jules Verne’s life and creation. The main purpose of the PJVS is facilitating contacts and information exchange among its members,
popularisation of knowledge about the author of The Mysterious Island and his works, and giving the Polish readers possibility to approach those Jules Verne’s novels, short stories, plays etc., which have not so far been translated into Polish. The society also deals with translations of foreign publications concerning Magician from Nantes, as he is called in Poland. 

The PJVS reaches its goals by publication of Jules Verne’s works as well as information and various materials concerning that writer in separate books, the bulletin „Nautilus”, the serial editions „Prace Verneologiczne” („The Verneological Studies”) and „Biblioteka Andrzeja” („The Andrew’s Library”) issued by the society, on its website and by means of other mass media, such as the press, radio and TV. 

The society acts within the territory of Poland and stays in touch with non-governmental organisations and private persons from abroad.

Any person above 16 years of age can become a member of the PJVS. Children below 16 can become members of the society if allowed by their parents or legal guardians. 

All persons interested in becoming members of the PJVS are kindly asked to send us an e-mail.