Fourth Multiplier event - Transnational conference on leadership for teachers’ development on research based teaching

1. Event Theme - “Transnational conference on leadership for teachers’ development on research based teaching”

2. Event Keynote Speakers

Dr Frauke Meyer, School of Learning, Development and Professional Practice, Faculty of Education and Social Work, The University of Auckland - Frauke Meyer is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Education and a Research Associate with the Faculty's Centre for Educational Leadership. Her research is concerned with school leadership, leadership induction/mentoring and interpersonal leadership practices. The immediate focus of her research is the analysis, assessment, and development of leadership practices that foster school improvement and interpersonal behaviours that promote relational trust.

Associate Professor Anne Berit Emstad, Department of Teacher Education,The Norwegian Univeristy of Science and Technology - Anne Berit Emstad is an associate professor at The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She is a lecturer in educational leadership and teaches both at master and ph.d. level. Her research interests are organizational learning, leadership for learning, school development, teachers education and newly educated teachers.

Morten Krogstad Strand, Head, Trondheim Municipality - Morten Krogstad Strand is the Head of Kattem school in Trondheim, a primary school with ca 300 students, which also has reception groups for newly arrived immigrants. He has recently completed his Master Thesis "Professional Learning Communities – Heads developing leadership through international networking

Mari Løvaas Alterskjær, Deputy Head, Trondheim municipality - Mari Løvaas Alterskjær is working at Kattem School, and she is leading a PLC of teachers teaching newly arrived immigrants in their mothers’ tongue.

Nils Kjøsnes, Head, Selbu secondary School, Selbu municipality - Nils Kjøsnes has been the headmaster at Selbu secondary School for many years. Selbu secondary school has 150 students. He has also two years of experience from the supervisor corps to UDIR.

Tove Solli, Assistant principal , Selbu Secondary School Selbu municipality - Tove Solli is assistant principal at Selbu Secondary School. She is a former teacher and currently studying for a master in management at NTNU.

Anne Line Bjarke, Deputy Head, Trøndelag County. Anne Line Bjarke is working at Selbu Upper Secondary School. She has experience from Primary School as a teacher and Deputy Head. Currently she is studying master in School management at NTNU

Trude Mathiesen, Head, Ila School, Trondheim municipality ? Ila school is a a primary school with ca 400 students, which also has reception groups for newly arrived immigrants. The school was awarded Queen's Sonja School Prize for Equality and Inclusion 2016.

Kathrine Vik Tollaksen, is a teacher at Ila School, Trondheim municipality.

WEDNESDAY, Oct 17th, 2018 - Kattem School

9:00 Kattem School, coffee and tea

9:15 Opening and Welcome - Director Camilla Trud Nereid, Trondheim Municipality

9:50 School visit - Kattem School

9:50 Partnership meeting

11:30 - 12:30 Lunch at Kattem school

12:30 Head of teacher PLC - Morten K Strand, Head, Kattem School - Intro and workshop – walk the talk (materials 1, 2, 3)

14:00 Leader of PLC - second language teachers - Mari Alterskjær, Department leader, Kattem school

14:30 We leave for: “Over the hill and far away” - Dinner at Schivevollen for representatives

  • Warm hiking clothes and shoes are needed.
  • 30 minutes walk, and then outdoor activities

THURSDAY, Oct 18th, 2018 - NTNU Kalvskinnet , room LY 41

9:00 Welcome - Deputy Leader Jesper Aagard Petersen, NTNU

9:15 Leaders engaging in Open to learning conversation with teachers about data-use (including workshop) - Associate professor Frauke Meyer, Auckland University, New Zealand, Tove Solli & Nils Kjøsnes, Deputy Head and Head Lower Secondary School, Selbu.

11:00 Professional Learning Communities – Heads developing leadership through international networking (Master thesis) - Morten K Strand, Head Kattem Sxhool

11:30 - 12:30 Lunch at Kalvskinnet

12:30 Teachers PLC Lesson study - Kathrine Vik Tollaksen, teacher Ila Shool.

13:00 School based competence development. Teachers PLCs Inquiry and Action learning- Associate professor Anne Berit Emstad, NTNU, Deputy Head Anne Line Bjarke, Selbu Secondary School.

14:00 Workshop – Experiences in regional PLCs. Use of PLCs in school development work, Successfactors and Challenges.

16:00 Closing remarks

19:30 Dinner at Bakklandet for representatives

FRIDAY, Oct 19th, 2018 - Ila School

9:00 - 11:30 School visits - Ila School, Dalgård School & Strinda Upper Secondary School

9:00 - 11:30 Partnership meeting

11:30 - 12:30 Lunch at Ila School

12:30 - 13:00 Trondheimsmodel – how refugees are included in schools in Trondheim, Trude Mathisesen , Head Ila School

13:00 - 15:00 Sum up and Evaluation, Workshop for representatives - Anne Berit Emstad, Bård Knutsen and Mette Meiddel

4. Event Photos

5. Event Venue

Wednesday: Kattem School

Thursday: NTNU Campus Kalvskinnet (in city center)

Friday: Ila School (in city center)

6. Event Organizers

Anne Berit Emstad

Bård Knutsen

Mette Meidell

7. Contact us

Anne Berit Emstad