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PIE Modes

We provide four PIE modes: Full, MediumLite and Extra Lite. For example, the Full mode shows pronunciations to a great detail:

However, advanced learners may prefer a "lightweight" mode called Lite:

How to Choose a Mode

You can choose the mode you want by going to PIE's Options page (right-click the "pie" icon  and click "Options").

What Does Each Mode Mean?
  • Full - This shows pronunciation to the fullest extent (e.g. even the silent g and h as in "light" are marked with a "silence mark").
  • Less Full - This further omits diacritics for common digraphs like ch, sh and ph (e.g. ch as in "chair").
  • Medium - This further omits diacritics for common words like of and common word parts like -tion.
  • Lite (default) - This further omits silence marks for silent e's in the middle of words (e.g. e as in "household").
  • Extra Lite - This further omits most schwa marks (e.g. the second and third a's in "Canada" will have no marks).

Here are three screenshots demonstrating PIE (International Edition)'s Full, Lite and Extra Lite modes:

 Full Mode

Lite Mode (the default mode)

Extra Lite Mode

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